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Full Version: My Very Depressing Poetry. Painful To Write...
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Gothymothy girl

Blood drips from the rose,
Staining. Yet the rose feels no pain.
Why is it that we feel pain but not the rose?

We feel pain because of us.
We brought pain onto ourselves.
Actions lead to pain.

Blood is the eqivalent of pain.
My blood leaks constantly.
Whoever touches it feels unimaginable sorrow.

But do we know pain?

Yes. We all know pain.
It is a simple statement.
We all know pain.
Gothymothy girl
Geez can someone reply? The colour of blood is red, and that's what Im seeing right now, I need a little feedback, good or bad who cares?
we don't feel the rose! that's so DEEP!

Seriously I was actually being sincere (For once)

yay, nice poem!
Gothymothy girl
Thank you SO MUCH for replying. Im glad you think its deep, I spent a lot of time on it. You are very very nice.
Dolty McDaft
hey, guess who I am!
cait was correct in every sense of the word. I second the notion.
Gothymothy girl
Thanx, Jesse. Wow U sound smart when you reply
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