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Full Version: Death Toll
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Gothymothy girl
Death Toll

I hear it, like a gong, banging in the distance.
The death toll?
Could this be my turn, my time, now?
It could be possible, I suppose, but why?
So many times have I tried to take my life,
And yet it never works.
So how can it be wrenched in this ironic way,
Taken from me without my consent for once.
I recognise the sound now, I hear it like a clear bell.
It is regret.
It is fear.
It is life.
Where are you getting your inspiration? I'm not complaing...I like it...still a fan.
Gothymothy girl
I don't know. I guess the words just come to me when I write. Actually, I came on to the posting screen with nothing but the title, and out came a freaky poem.
Dolty McDaft
The song of your life, I suppose.

Not an insult, I swear. Just interpreting...

I like her. I shall let her live when I rule the world
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