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Sarah the Spider

You never seem to notice things
When they're right there in plain sight.
You'd rather fight your windmills
And live in your dreams each night.
You don't see me standing here,
One foot from your face.
You talk to me and smile,
Then you're gone without a trace.
When you fall you don't thank me
Once I lift you from the ground.
You laugh with the one who tripped you,
And I walk away without a sound.
It's never me you're thinking of,
Though you know I'm always near.
You'd rather see other, greater things
Than the good things that are right here.
Gothymothy girl
I thought that the poem was going to be HAPPY! I guess ya kinda proved me wrong there.
Dolty McDaft
You sound like Kaitlynne. I mean, Laine

your rhymes is tite yo! biggrin.gif
that was beautiful. but it was kinda sad *sniff* *gets out hankerchief* *whimper*
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