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Full Version: Writer's Block
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Dreams On Hiatus
Damn this writer's block
it bothers me a lot
I sit and stare
beyond compare
and write a bunch of slop.

Writer's block sucks.

Who here can write limericks?
Can't, sorry. I actually don't really try to, they end up ridiculous and it's just something I don't use my effort for.

I have a poem going I started tonight, but I messed up the form (what lines rhyme with each other, I was trying to regulate that.) When I have writer's block, it really sucks. I write horribly because I can't think of anything to write. Usually I just have to wait it out. I suggest reading more to fuel you with ideas, but there are days when nothing clicks with me.
I wrote a few limericks, back in the day... actually, I've only ever written three. My sister woke me up at midnight one night and said she needed me to write three limericks for her homework. They weren't very good and all related to food in some way. I think I can remember one...

There once was a dragon named Bob
He was green but he wasn't a slob
He loved to eat fridges
And big broken bridges
But his favourite was corn on the cob.

Or something to that effect. I never said it would make sense, now did I?
And before anyone asks... yes, I've got writer's block too. That's why I'm posting weird old limericks here in the first place when I should be doing homework (yeah, right) or working on my book. Writer's block sucks.
I've heard of your dragon named Bob,
I thought he was kind of a snob.
He came to my pad and drank just a tad,
you're right, he's really a slob!
He asked for some corn he could eat,
So I fed him his favorite treat.
Then he drank a bit more till he fell
on the floor, he's lucky he didn't get beat.
He laid on the floor until night, then I called
on my monkeys to fight. He awoke very
mean and picked their bones clean,
I've never had more of a fright.
Bob is a bastard thats sucked, he took
all my cash then he trucked. Now I'm
fricken broke, a neighborhood joke,
I guess I'll just go and get...
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