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Full Version: This Is A Little Close To The Bone, Here....
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Gothymothy girl

He knows me all too well,
And says he loves me.
Have I shedded my disguise?
It seems unnatural
To feel his familiar touch
After it all.

His touch is a buoy in the ocean,
A senseless, rocky island on which I am stranded.
So why do I feel nausiated at his hands
When other things are so much worse?
Did he ever hurt me?
I don't know.

Salty tears escape from my eyes,
falling, falling down.
I can't escape the pain. . .
It follows me forever.
It is a scar upon my spirit, my soul.
I am crying out in the open... no longer hidden.

So he is gone,
And their is no relief,
Only sadness.
Terrible sadness and terrible pain.
It still follows me.
Why did I cry?
Gothymothy girl
If there is anything wrong with this poem, please tell me. Any revisions that you think should be made just tell me, ok?
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