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Full Version: Look Kids! It's Aries!
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Cath Sparrow
Aaarrr! *major hugs* for Aries. That really does suck big time! Hope you can sort something quick cause that's just a huge pile of Poo! *Hugs again*
Prince Aries
QUOTE (monkey_called_narth @ May 4 2004, 12:41 PM)
phhh i see how it is... i live 3 hours away and you cant come stay with me sad.gif

The comment I made was directed at EVERYONE! happy.gif

I figure if I'm going to be without a home, I may as well travel around in style and be homeless like...everywhere. Or something. It was a way good idea in my head but eh...whatev.


ill be expecting you any day now wink.gif
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