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Full Version: Period Costumes
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This summer I would love to try and make myself both a Medieval and Renaissance gown. Anyone tried this? Have comments?

I am especially looking for advice on which books I should look at, where I can find patterns (I would like to go for authenticity).

Cath Sparrow
If you can alter a pattern it'll make your life a hell of a lot easier. Cause your best bet is to find a basic dress with the genral shape your looking for don't try to find an exact one cause you more than likely wont. Do some research into the styles of the era's your looking at (there's absolutly loads of book on period costume varying in quality out there) and pick out the details off the dresses you like and put those together to make up your dress. There are places on the internet that sell patterns so it's worth looking round it. If you can find dresses which you can see from varying angles that'll help.

If you've no experience I'll tell you now it's harder than it looks. This is not to try and put you off it's just to warn you what your getting into.

If I can help you any PM me as pattern cutting is what I do for a living so I'm willing to help you as much as I can.
Ooh, my favorite period gowns. happy.gif I'm gonna make some this summer, I hope, too. At any Fabric store (such as JoAnns, or Hancock Fabrics in my area), or even Wal-Mart has books of patterns to make. The books are by Mcalls, Butterick (sp?), and Simplicity. I prefer Simplicity patterns. I think they have the best period gowns. That's where I find them. As Cath said, you can also alter them. Although I think if you can find a pattern, it'd be easier. Me--and my Clothing ll teacher--think that altering is harder than making a new one. Hope this helped!
i know i'm a little late on the draw here, but i thought you might want this:
Cath Sparrow
But they dont sell the patterns over the web only the styles book!!!! Were looking at the Matrix coat to turn it into a Frock coat pattern but I'm going to have to go buy it from a shop if I can find it.
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