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Well, I'm sure some of you remember me in here trying to find writers for a new magazine.... three months and alot of work later, I give you

April issue came out last night whilst I was asleep and The Netherlands Bureau was awake, and like the small infant I am, I got up extra early and ran downstairs like a wee bairn on christmas morning.

Anyway, thoughts, opinions, queries? This is the thread.

Anyone with work they want to contribute should contact
Besides those three hard-to-read lines in the Jennifer Government review, this publication gets 4 and a half ninjas: ph34r.gif ph34r.gif ph34r.gif ph34r.gif

Seriously, the article on Pedophilia alone makes the magazine a success.

A suggestion: Add a donations page or at least include an address so readers who aren't that good at writing can still contribute to the site.
Oh, I love it! I normally don't get updated very often on world problems, and I'm not excited to go to and look for the boring, selective articles there. Apparently seeing Muse live is something no one should *ever* miss out on. All of the articles were well-informed and fantastically written. I need some writing tips from you guys!
*passes large wad of cash to gothic*


Muse I don't know about, I tried not to be too facist with the editing when it came to my own tastes in music.... but well, they certainly arn't to my tastes. biggrin.gif

Although they do have a rather large and dedicated following... Jesus... and I told her to be 'objective' *shakes head* laugh.gif
QUOTE (Juiceisgood @ Apr 4 2004, 09:40 PM)
Although they do have a rather large and dedicated following... Jesus... and I told her to be 'objective' *shakes head* laugh.gif

That was the most opinionated thing in there tongue.gif Then again, all of you seemed to get very impassioned. And you don't censor! Now we get to hurt the little children's eyes as THEY say. (heck, I knew swear words at seven, but that's probably just me.) tongue.gif
Yeah... I'm still trying to find someone willing to write a bad review. I mean, not everything is orgasmic dry.gif

Well, there isn't that much swearing... Although I can get a little carried away when I'm writing myself unsure.gif
Dreams On Hiatus
I'm going to read it when I get home from school. Adobe Acrobat Reader isn't workiing on my laptop for some reason. Oh well.
QUOTE (Juiceisgood @ Apr 5 2004, 12:35 PM)
Yeah... I'm still trying to find someone willing to write a bad review. I mean, not everything is orgasmic dry.gif

I have the same problem with SFT. I'd love to write a negative review, really I would, but I just don't have the money to buy something I'm not sure I'd like.
Industrial Kybosh
Hey, you want negative reviews? Come to Uncle InKy. I get exposed to all kinds of cack at work - usually old cack, but sometimes someone drops a fresh new clanger into our stereo.

I'll keep ye posted.

Anything you feel needs to be said, can be said, but don't limit it to bad reviews...

Actually... we're looking for a music editor... cool.gif
QUOTE (Juiceisgood @ Apr 9 2004, 06:51 AM)
Actually... we're looking for a music editor... cool.gif

You could do a whole lot worse than the Bosh, then. He pretty much owns the Media forum.
*thanks Commie for making obvious a subtle hint*

Subtlety from an Aussie? Bloody hell.

And I was well aware that was an offer, I was adding my endorsement to it because everybody should care about my opinion. On everything.
Industrial Kybosh
Hmm. I wasn't anticipating such an offer - or, indeed, any offer at all - but I'd be more than willing to help out if I can. Lord knows I have few enough outlets for my creative ability (such as it is) at the moment.

Just give me an idea as to what my duties would entail, and I'll see what I can do, 'k? wink.gif
Mr Fuzzy
Oh, admit it. You're just a reviewing whore! biggrin.gif
Industrial Kybosh
QUOTE (Mr Fuzzy @ Apr 11 2004, 12:47 AM)
Oh, admit it. You're just a reviewing whore! biggrin.gif

So says my 'Will Criticise For Food' T-shirt...
Mr Fuzzy
Hmm. Oddly I can actually see a market for that shirt.I also think that the worlds oldest profession should get more recognition. Too many people ignore flint nappers.
I'd buy it!
Very well Inky, the job would probably be you writing a music editorial of about 1000 words every month, you would also have control over the music content, but all the same you can't let you personal tastes get in the way of the work. Basically you'd be editing reviews, filtering out the really bad ones, writing that editorial and anything else you see fit to contribute to each issue, be it nothing or something, as long as the editorial job is forefilled (editing and the editorial) the rest is optional.

We have barely enough money to pay for the site, so no pay.... as yet I guess... but if there ever will be we're talking pretty long term. But what we can offer you is the words Music Editor and a nice E-mail address

Which is marginally more than nothing. Deadlines are the 23rd of every month, unless we change it for February/allow for the extra day in months with 31 days... Basically it's just enough time for me to whip up the layout and do my best at a few proof-reads....

It's alot of work some months, very little others... we need a music editor because 1, I know alot of the music writers and sometimes its hard for me to be as harsh in editing as I should be, 2, I'm trying to deligate a good portion of the actual editing because I didn't realize how time consuming making a layout would be. I'm using some pretty basic software to do it and it's very hard to make a clean/flashy magazine. But I'm working on that part of it, hopefully we'll see something more professional looking by the end of the month.

Anyway. The job is yours if you want it, of course, if you don't want to do the editing job you are still most welcome to write for us. But you definitely fit the bill if you want it.
Hey, Juice. Aside from the layout on the main page (which I already talked about on UF) the magazine is looking fabtabulous. The paedophile interview was absolutely fantastic, and it could have held the magazine up on its own. As it was, the other articles were pretty damned decent too. Great work.
I must say, the interview with the paedophile was... interesting. Didn't change my opinion, but I guess that's fair (and not really the point of this post anyway). *shrugs.* The whole zine looks pretty darn spiffy, although I couldn't read a good portion of Sean's article because the black of the image was behind the text, making it illegible. Could just be my screen though.

Keep up the good work.
Thanks guys. Apologies to Sean and everyone who's read the mag, I did notice that that area of text was pretty heard to read, but aside from making the text in that area white there was really nothing I could do. As Elgado suggested over at the UF forums, you can just highlight that portion to read it... It's not the greatest solution but we were running pretty close to deadline and I wasn't going to pass up having that pic in the background biggrin.gif

Next months issue promises to be a bit more professional looking... but we're a little hard pressed for content because we were all so relieved at getting the first issue up and going, I sort of failed to think about it for the last week unsure.gif

Don't worry, no delays or anything like that... we're just going to have to get out heads down and get to writing...

But having said that, anyone who considers themselves good at writing and has a few stray ideas, or an interesting article to submit, don't delay. Anything will be considered, although we do have a fairly nazi quality control biggrin.gif . Word documents in Times New Roman font, size 10. Just send them as attachments to

Don't worry, we're not mean... also we're looking to pick up some regular columnists... , same address with a sample of your work. Columns are monthly at 1000 words, larger by prior arrangement. The deadline for all columns, articles, features and everything... be it that you're already writing for the magazine or you want to try your luck with us, is the 25th of April. If you miss deadline send it in anyway, although there are no promises that you'll get into that issue as once the layout is planned I'm sticking to it...

We're fairly elastic with the deadlines, if you think you have something that can't miss an issue, let me know ahead along with a projected word count and subject.
The Lorax
QUOTE (Juiceisgood @ Apr 12 2004, 09:38 AM)
but we're a little hard pressed for content because we were all so relieved at getting the first issue up and going, I sort of failed to think about it for the last week unsure.gif

hey! Anything i can do to help with the content issue, let me know..i can draw, i can write...and sometimes breathe while doing so! happy.gif

Just drop me a message.
I've sent you a PM about it wink.gif

As for drawing, depending on your style, we might be able to incorporate some of your work into an issue. At the moment I've only really given thought to political cartoons and things like that, I guess it could be anything... but I mean, it would have to be illustrations for articles and stuff... thus far I've only really used photos in the layout. Although I do have this drawing that I was going to use for a front page at some time in the future, I'm just waiting for the story to actually be written...

So yeah, if you want to send samples by e-mail... I don't know... I had a hold of a really good ink artist, but she's all tied up at uni doing journalism and said she might not be able to even write for us for a few months... so yeah, I guess we need artists too... although it'd have to be pretty good art to go with the articles.
Industrial Kybosh
On the topic of the editorial post, whilst it is something I would love to do (and have done before), I'm not sure if I'd be able to. Writing the editorial wouldn't be too hard, but seeing as my online time is limited - as is my free time in general - I don't know if I could fill the entire post. I could help lighten the load, though - send me a small clutch of reviews each month, and I'll sharpen my editorial knife for some careful surgery. You'll barely even notice the incision...

I also have concerns as to whether or not I can send my files in Word format, this being a Mac and all (AppleWorks 6, baby). Pretty certain I can though, if I remember correctly. I'll turn something out for this month's deadline - just a review for now, methinks - and we'll see what you think, 'k?

And to hell with the money side of things - I worked for free for the university paper, and I'm more than ready to do it again. It's good experience, after all. Plus I enjoy it. I love music, and I'm an over-opinionated gobshite - perfect, no?

What kind of length are we talking for reviews? I'm used to about 250, but can work easily between 100 and 1000.
The Lorax
I really liked the interview with the pedophile (I liked the rest of it too, but this article was REALLY good)...most of it was new for me because all I've ever heard on the subject was that it was wrong. *shrug* It didn't change all of my views, but it did change some.

Lovely Magazine, Juice & Co.


Just so you know....

With my nifty little computer program I can do just about ANYTHING. Painting, Airbrushing, line art (xD color fourms), photo editing...if you think of it (and actually know what a wacom is), me, my wacom tablet, and my Adobe Element Essentials are an Artist Triple threat ph34r.gif

Though SOME people want to take me OFF my computer where I CAN'T do my drawing dry.gif *cough*mom*cough*... .... biggrin.gif

I'm open for anything though...if anyone needs like a quick card for their parents, an art project for name it---I can help cool.gif
Well firstly Inky, reviews are between 500 and 1000 words, but if you feel more comfortable with 250, that's fine, although most articles are minimum 1000 words at the moment...

Then again, it's hard to rant about an album for that long without repeating yourself biggrin.gif

Yeah, if you want you can write a column only when you feel like it, I quite like the idea of a semi-regular column... Anyway, thanks, as for word, if you can't do it, I'm sitting right next to an Apple so I'm sure I could wire it up some how to get your article and then convert it into something more usable.

Anyway, Lorax, we'd be looking for nice looking political drawings I guess, that's the biggest scope for work in the mag... sort of Ralph Steadman esq I guess... but not too much, I just mean that outrageous art that would most likely get you sued for defamation is definitely on the cards.

I'm sure I had more to say on both subjects, but I just woke up and I have this terrible feeling that I have to do something.... So let's leave it for now.... smile.gif
Industrial Kybosh
Taking a closer look at the current issue, I see what you mean. I'm rather more used to harsh constraints of space, and having to fight for it alongside numerous other writers, hence the smaller wordcounts. However, I can waffle on like a good 'un when I have the mind to. This 500-1000 idea could be quite liberating...

I'll have a think over the next few days, and see what I can crank out. There are plenty of new releases in the next few months that I can't wait to get my teeth into, so I'm sure I'll be up to a full head of steam in no time.
Well, one of the advantages of an internet magazine is that unless you have to limit the size of the download file... it can be as long as you bloody well like biggrin.gif

Unfortunately I think we do have to limit the file to something reasonable... when I had dial up Adobe Acrobat used to crash and burn if anything too big came it's way. And I'm sure I wasn't the last person on earth with the cursed phone line using hunk of trash. dry.gif

Anyway, yeah, I'm of the philosophy that longer articles are better... but I do a decent amount of writing for the mag... so I guess I'm looking at it from a writer's point of view.

Yeah, thanks Inky. We're still running around trying to find literature for the magazine. I was thinking of doing a literature section in the not too distant future... a one off mind you, that would be stepping too far into UFr's ground.
A literature section? You must tell me more. This is quite interesting. I might be able to write something decent with literature, perhaps. I am quite interested in pursuing journalism as a hobby/job/just for the fun of it, and the more experience I get the better...the more I know about this literature section, the more I can possibly start writing something. Probably not worthy of anything, but with ideas and guidelines I should be able to eventually come up with something. I love literature and its involvements and could definitely analyze it. And maybe in a few years I'll be able to write something worthy of CRHU. tongue.gif
Well, there arn't really any guidelines. What can I say? If it fits it goes in, if it doesn't it doesn't. But don't hesitate to send something in, I don't think the literature section with be this month (might have to be though). Honestly I think we'd need alot more time to put it together...

Yeah, literature, stories, novel excerpts... maybe poetry... but I don't know about that.

Ah hell... I'm not in the best mood right now... if you have any specific questions PM me. Or if I haven't answered any of your questions here you'd best PM me and re-phrase them... I'm having a pretty bad day and I only just go up so yeah, sorry sad.gif
Ok, just an update to all writers. Time to send in your articles, please as soon as possible, definitely no later than Thursday. I'm going all out just to get an issue out this month and an extended deadline means that I'd really appriciate it if you could stick to it.

This months magazine is looking a little bear so I'll sound out the request for help again, if you have an idea or article that you would like to see published is the place to discuss it, or in a PM here.

May issue is still at risk of not going ahead due to lack of content. I've had a few writers pull out last minute already so if you get a PM from me concerning the mag do you think you could reply either yes or no as to whether you'll have an article for this month as soon as possible so I can work out what's happening? Anyway, that's about it... and now its time to get back to work. Sorry about the double post sad.gif
Industrial Kybosh
Did my piece make it in time? Was it OK? Will the new issue be out soon?

Oh, I just can't handle the excitement...
Ah, well... there's a story to this that I can't be bothered explaining in full... basically, Marcus (other editor) spent a night or two in a police lock up over the weekend, preventing him from sending his editorial to me. So the magazine is late. Your article is superb, apologies for the lack of communication.

I'm due to take the acid test tonight, putting me out of action for the next couple of days. The late magazine will be done by the weekend, probably sooner. I'm sorry, can't do anything about it, last weekend was given up completely to doing the layout, and it got held up, PDFs are a nasty thing, and the editor I use only lets me do a page at a time, the editorial is the first article, so you can see my predicament. I still don't have the editorial, Marcus was in quite a state biggrin.gif

Everything is fine, the lock up was a misunderstanding, CRHU assures its readers that its chief editors are not criminals, at least not officially in the eyes of the law unsure.gif So let's keep it that way? unsure.gif

Yep, well, what can I say? Terribly sorry it's late... Marcus has a habit of disappearing just before deadlines mad.gif biggrin.gif
Industrial Kybosh
Feh. No decent publication should be without staffers who have the occasional run-in with the law. It's all about living life on the edge, and occasionally falling off.

Glad my article got to you, and is OK. I should have something new to write down soon-ish. I'll just chuck it your way when it's done. Whenever that may be.

Forward planning? Overrated.
May issue is here!

So go now, link in my sig.
And as of last night we also have a brand new site layout. It's a massive improvement over the last one and we'll now be doing weekly editorials and columns on the site inbetween issues of the magazine.
It's not slick in the manner of a corporate site, but it's a vast improvement. Go you!
Patient #212
The layout has much improved! Looking more and more professional...

I'm off to go read the new issue... I'll be back after that...
Ok, here is the monthly request for content rolleyes.gif

As it is, we've had just enough content to put out the magazine every month... this month, a few very notable writers can't help us out and unless we get some new writers things might not be so good in the coming weeks. is where it's at.... articles, drawing, fiction, etc...

Get your work out of your heads and computers and out on the internet for all to read!

Etc etc etc...

Anyway, thanks for all the compliments. Marcus is getting pretty good with the web-site bit of CRHU... I think he's had a burst of creativity.
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