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Dolty McDaft
I wish I live under a hill.
With faeries and pretty unicorns!
And flowers and hippopotomi,
To an elf I will be sworn.

I wish to rule the world!
Only me, and gothymothy,
You will all die!

It is sad that Laine cannot rhyme,
Or keep her poetry in time to mine,
I hate her, and her incubi,
Which is a demon, if you wonder why.

Yes, yes, the demons.
They are my bestest friends.
Your hill with retarded unicorns will be struck down first!

I love the faerie people under the hill!
I swear I will force myself out of your will!
And I really wish my name is Jill.
If I had a knife, it is you I will kill!

Well, good for you.
You may not want to refer to them as personalities...unless you're one of the people who does have a multiple personality disorder, in which I am extremely sorry for this post.
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
Hey that's kinda funny.. but creepy... is it the same person?
Dreams On Hiatus
Lol that's interesting. Kind of...out there. Keep practicing your writing. smile.gif
Gothymothy girl
Yay it mentioned me! Yay people likey.
Very amusing, very nice. Your other really adds a nice touch
Gothymothy girl
Hey Jess. Kyo is Mushroom head, just to let you know. I'll leave a PM for you expaining.

Yeah, and I have an Idea for your poetry. Ill leave that in my PM.
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