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i write poems

go figure tongue.gif

sleep ceases by mel

cant close my eyes,i toss and turn
as i think of you
my eyes start to burn

oh why cant i fall asleep
this image of you
in my head i will keep

youre sitting there with a smile on your face
youre so happy,,.
wish i could be in place

your memory haunts all of my dreams
youre not dead
but thats how it seems

i never see you
we never talk
when i reach out u continue to walk

im growing crazier with everyday
i hide behind a smile
so u wont see my dismay

and all for what?a glance?
u just pass me by
well heres news,u had a chance

just a hint of tear forms in my eye
hovers for a second on my cheek
and then i know..this is goodbye

(theres two sides to every story )

kindered spirits (side cool.gif
by mel

as i walked alone lookin over my shoulder
better believe i was glad it was over least i thot but when i started to cry..
i realized it wasnt about the guy
yah i know I asked him FIRST and all
then you slipped under me and i took the fall
but i dont love him that much
no enough to sacrifice a great friendship of such
but i couldlnt help it,he got in our way
tore us apart and made me pay
weev been thru hell wit all our fights
all ove guys that only lasted nights
now theres a new guy,hes sooo fine!!
and his affection is allll mine
starting over once and over again
this vicious cycle just wont end
we should just let live and let be
you should stop likeing the same guys as me!!!:-P
it was dumb of me to be upset
cuz friends like us is as good as it gets
id never hate you even if i could
i love you so much i never would
friends forever is what THEY say,
but kindred souls is my new way


I can down zoloft or cry myself to sleep,cut my wrists and count my sheep,but today i just feel sad,or do i feel infuriated,the strangest feeling ive ever had
i feel this depression
dont submit me to suppression
donno how it lures me in..
but all i remember is us going out again
and then we broke up..
no cuz i was still drinking out of your cup
maybe we just got confused
maybe the priveleges got abused
if i was able id calll you on the phone
but it seems so far to reach it on my own
theres one last option i havent tried...
but i wont be hangin when these tears have dried...
im getting out at leat ill do my best
getting up will be my greatest contest

(o_o)emo? zoloft can help.(^-^)

tired of thes love poems?-mel

Spring setting in,its almost over
It was just the two of us..but that was october
Winter has spread its wing and taken flight
Not wishing to go witihout one last fight
Leaving its mark in the pictures of my place
Catching only a fragment of mother nature's face
A new year started and its soon to end
Then we will start back where you begin
Tell children the stories of snow bringing forth small bud
Blossoming into roses to die in this blood
Summer sun scorches the land
Dries out the leaves as fall plays its hand
An icy vail covers all again
To will of the seasons,the people ben
very very touching, ha is that one of the ones u and tamee wrote while getting drunk and doing the boob dance? huh.gif

boob dance?no

ne ways....

you say that things are different
but that isnt the case
you say that you have change your ways
you only change your face

singing me these songs that mean nothing
someone elses appologies and words
you honestly can say sorry on your own
just plagiarize someone elses verbs

go ahead take off your face paint
show me who you really are
now you seem so vulnerable
not like from afar

i never get it,try as i might
how i can be fooled once and again
by only a simple mask
beauty only as deep as skin
OMG, that is soo not cool dry.gif i fecking wrote that, an u know it mel, i wrote it and gave it to you. Grr, thats just not right
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