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Full Version: Birthday Wishes Thread!
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Happee Birthday Snoo! biggrin.gif

Here are your celebratory ninjas: ph34r.gif ph34r.gif ph34r.gif ph34r.gif

And here is your name in red and very large font.

Awww fankoo!

I promise to look after my ninjas and feed them and play with them everyday! laugh.gif

*does a happy dance*
Happy birthday snoo!

the lil' pie fairy

hem. birthday happiness to you smile.gif
Since LoLo got to the cool picture first, I give you Snoochy the rabbit. Happy Birthday.

Silver Star Angel of Da Towers

*hands you big birthday cake* Many more!
aww thanks, for anyone who is interested the pics from last nights festivities are here!

They aren't very good and there aren't very many but meh. That's all you get!
*Password restricted* Umm, snoo?
oh sorry...viewing password is moose smile.gif
Okay...I have a guess, but not entirely sure which one you are in those pics, snoo. Mind giving us a hint as to which one is you, and who the others are? smile.gif Is moop in there anywhere?
Moop is the guy in the Ag t-shirt.

I am the person with glasses, my hair down, jeans and a black shirt (*hides from Cath*)

Also if you go into the album called "meep" then it'll give you a better idea of which one is me!
Ooh! Snoo and moop are uber-cuteness! wub.gif
Snugglebum the Destroyer

In celebration - I've eaten half a pack of Haribo in your honour.
the lil' pie fairy
It's Commie's birthday? And Missy's?

*stumbled into thread not knowing this* *ahem* ph34r.gif

Happy World-entering Day to you both!! laugh.gif

Edit: I'm so dense. I should really check for birthdays unsure.gif
Happy birthday Missy. I know you've been without your own precious laptop lately so I got you this one for your birthday! Enjoy!

Happy birthday Commie! For you I got cookies in the shape of the US. Misguided patriotism by those who made it. You're eatind the freaking thing you think you worship! <to the makers not you. Enjoy!

Firstly, sorry Snoo for missing your birthday!

Commie and Missy having birthdays at once. This calls for cake and beer.

*goes off to find cake and beer*

*comes back*

Happy birthday to you both.

*goes off again*
Forever Unknown
*goes off again*

With the cake and beer, I notice. Hmm...

Can I just say happy birfdee to everyone to cover the next year? That way will help me avoid embarassment for forgetting/being completely oblivious.
Yay Commie! Happy Birthday. biggrin.gif *telepathically sends lots of chocolate peanut butter cups and Timbits*
Happy Birthday Commie and Missy, have a great day biggrin.gif
Commie and Missy having birthdays at once

ohmy.gif Holy! what'm I supposed to DO?

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dearCommienandMissy,
Happy birthday to you happy.gif

Have a ninja squad? ph34r.gif ph34r.gif ph34r.gif ph34r.gif ph34r.gif ph34r.gif
happy birthday commie and missy... *just realised shes older then commie* yay for birthdays or somthing!!!
Hey, helicopter pilot is still around, right? Happy birthday to you too. smile.gif
QUOTE (Mata @ Aug 9 2004, 03:32 PM)
Firstly, sorry Snoo for missing your birthday!

That's alright, I forgive you. At least you said sorry!

Happy Birthday Commie and Missy, have great days, be happy and don't drink too much (unless you drink lots of water before you go bed to stop the headaches from being too bad - it works for me, really it does!)
In Germany the custom in to chuck the birthday celebrant in the air several times. While they are still in a chair. This usually ends in people falling on their arses. Viel Spass! Who wants to fly first? Heheh. You can trust us...really. ^^ Happy birthday all, including Helicoptor Pilot, who hasn't been mentioned enough. Huzzar.
Happy birthday Sean and Missy! happy.gif

Missysaurus, I hope that they didn't announce your name and birthday *too* much over the intercom at work today. biggrin.gif And Sean, I hope you're having fun...wherever in the world you are right now? Are you still in Canada? I'm too lazy to figure it out for myself. biggrin.gif
Happy birthday Commie and Missy. May it be full of all those magical, if maybe illegal, things that make life great.

Helicopter Pilot, I think you deserve a happy birthday too! *Hug* Hope you had fun.

GTS: I am definatley NOT obsessed.

EDIT: It's still your B Day where I am...
Thanks everyone. I especially love teh fuzzy computer, Lo, it's beautimous. I always look forward to your entertaining finds.
And I finally get to a computer smile.gif Thanks a bunch, everyone who wished me a happy Womb Liberation Day. I had a great time.
Happy Birthday Jaq!!!

I don't know how they say it in Korean, but I'm sure your school children will wish it to you! Thank you for sending us Korean candy! We especially enjoyed the Astro-Girl candy, where there was a hologram sticker of Astro-Girl being molested by a robot on the box!

(btw, does anyone read this thread at all, or just post in it? wink.gif
the lil' pie fairy
Ooo. A 'womb liberation day' in fun! Many happy returns, Jaq! smile.gif

(I rarely read it. Hence forgetting who's birthday it actually is *sheepish*)
Yay! ... Happy Birthday Jaq! ... 22 eh .. tsk ... It's all downhill from here ....
Thanks everyone!

I read it! *coughwhenit'smybirthdaycough*
Happy Birthday Ickle Jenn
Happy Birthday Jaqqy! biggrin.gif You've got the same digit twice in your age - it'll be 11 years before that happens again!

btw, does anyone read this thread at all, or just post in it?

I read it...can I see the robot molesting the girl? Huh? Upload the picture! tongue.gif
Happy birthday Jaq! For you.........the mouse from Cinderella named Jaq. He's so cute.

Happy Bday Jaq. biggrin.gif
Happy birthday, Jenn darling smile.gif
Quick .. birthday pressie before it's too late:

JAQ! .. here's a plate of cheese for you to look at and drool over ...

... but no touch, m'kay?
Aww.. thanks everyone. I got a banana flavoured birthday cake from my recruiters yesterday and I even got a piece. I also got an English book (one of the few things you can't find in Seoul) and one of my students gave me a pen. After work I went out with some people from work and had pork bbq and soju and a few litres of beer. It was all in all a most excellent birthday.

*thwaps Pab*
Happy birthday endslaved.

For you ..... a shield and some ax and other thingy. biggrin.gif

Happy Birthday Enslaved smile.gif
Have a good one, Nat.
Aww...It's MrTeapot's birthday. Did we ever find out where he went off to? sad.gif
As the years pass gently by
We're still drinking ourselves out of our minds
There's one thing we know for sure
With no drink each day would be such a bore

Korn, Beer, Schnaps and wine
We can hear our livers crying
And when the end finally draws near
Everyone'll say I've had it coming for years

here you go mr.teapot another drinking song for your b-day. biggrin.gif
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
Happy birthday Mr. Teapot!!!!! I hope you come back soon!!

*hands you a birthday cake*
Happy Birthday ARC, my favorite Tank Girl incarnate! biggrin.gif
Happy Bday Acid, have a good one smile.gif
Happy birthday to ARC, and happy few-days-after-your-birthday to Enslaved and Jaq!
Happy Birthday ARC, may you drink lots and lots of tea.
Happy Bday Superkathoid, hope your ok and well out there in the real world. Not seen you post in sometime, but have a great one. smile.gif
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