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Full Version: Birthday Wishes Thread!
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Happy birthday Leo and LGG biggrin.gif
Little Green Goth
QUOTE (gothictheysay @ Oct 22 2004, 03:16 PM)
Happy birthday Leo and LGG biggrin.gif

thanks bunches and bushles! it was awesome too, got meself an xbox along with fable and d&d for it. wwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Oh, happy unbirthingday to everyone. and happy birthingday to anyone else!
Happy Birthday Emmy!

For birthday, you apparently conquer the world.

Happy Birthday Phoenix!!!

have an uber spiffy day

moop & snoooooooooeh
Happy birthday Emmy

Sir Psycho Sexy
Happy Birthday Emmy my lovely wub.gif biggrin.gif

hope you like your CD...when you get it, of'll probably get it before you read this....ho hum....
WOOOOOOO biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY.. IM SO HAPPY biggrin.gif
Oni Usagi
Happy birthday Emmy and old emmy.
Happy Birthday Emmy smile.gif
Happy birthday, Phoenix!
Cath Sparrow
EMMYYYYY!!!!!!! Happy Birthday!!! *give very large jar of honey* wink.gif
Usurper MrTeapot
*trumpet clash*

Happy Birthday...CATH!
Happy birthday Cath!

*throws exploding cake Cathwards*
El Nino
Happy Birthday Cath *removes pin and throws brain shaped grenade* (people keep telling me to use my brain)
Happy birthday Cath! For you, what looks like a paper hat!

Happy buffday Cath!

*Throws a cake with hugs and coloured string in it around*
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Great big Birthday huggles Cath!!!

In true birthday style, I present to you the contents of my pockets:

Half eaten pack of Rigleys extra, 20p, a shopping list and ewww... an empty condom wrapper?? blink.gif

Um... enjoy?
Forever Unknown
Happy birfdee Cath!
Happy birthday Cath smile.gif Have some Millions.
Also happy birthday to You deny me freshmaker?! Let's hope you're not denied freshmaker today wink.gif
Cath Sparrow
Thank you every one the pressies are fab! *wanders off trying to figure out what to do with an empty condom packet* biggrin.gif
Happy (sorry I'm late)Buffday babe
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
Happy late birthday Sir Maxerpopple!!!!
*hands you a big birthday cake*
Hmm....*kicks Irishguy in the face for not posting me a happy birthday today like he promised*

Manji is...quite lonely.
I was gonna post it! Really I was! I just slept...for...ten hours...all day. So don't blame me, woman!

Happy Birthday, ya old fart.
Happy Birthday Fluffy!

I always admired your av... although I'm not sure if you're around much at the moment unsure.gif
Usurper MrTeapot
Happy Birffday Black Wings. Have a happy day and such.

*birthday cookies*
yay.. thank you!!! biggrin.gif
Birthday greetings Black-wings!

Have an any flavour cookie giant sized cookie!

Enjoy! laugh.gif
Yay, happy birthday.

*hands you some cake*
Hoppy Birthday!

*does special Hoppy Birthday dance*
dancing hamster guy
As I read this it is also your bday "frog" so happy bday!
Sir Psycho Sexy
yes yes, Happy Birthday to they froggy *plays with froggy's hair* (it's really soft)
Happy birthday to Froggeh, love_like_u, Erinea and ruinedsicknessgirl (if you still come on these forums).

*hands out much cake*
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Happy Birthday Froggy!!! biggrin.gif

For you I have raided the wonders that is my food cupboard:

1 tin of lentils.
Half a tin of custard mix (out of date)
3 digestive biscuits

Enjoy!!! Have a fantastic day.

(feel special, that's all that was in my cupboard which means I can't make my custard/lentil surprise cheescake for dinner tonight wink.gif )
Happy Birthday froggeh! For your birthday a GIS has been done just for you and Freddy the Funked Out Frog has turned up. Enjoy him and all his mosaiced wonder.

Here's a happy birthday smile Froggy biggrin.gif

Have a good'un smile.gif
Hoppy birthday to love_like_u, Erinea and ruinedsicknessgirl.

*does Hoppy Birthday Dance Dance with Freddy*

Thank you for Freddy Jaq *Dances with Freddy some more*

Mmmm, speacial birthday food *eats tin of lentils, half a tin of out of date custard mix and 3 digestive biscuits*

Water. Need. Now. *cough*

Thank you all for wyou positve vibes biggrin.gif
Hurrah! Happy biddly Frog!
Dang Jaq beat me to Freddy, so here's the runner up :

Happy birthday frog.
Happy Birthday Froggy dearest, you truely are amazing and I wub.gif you wink.gif

Have a good one smile.gif
Happy birthday Frog and Love Like U. Hope you both have a good birthday.
Happy buffdeh funky biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif!!!oneoneone
Cath Sparrow
Happy birthday Froggy my dear!
Oni Usagi
here you go froggah.

It's a gps. I don't know why. It's nifty.
Happy birfday to all of you lovelies xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Happy Birfday Froggy! biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Oni Usagi @ Nov 15 2004, 06:42 PM)
here you go froggah.

It's a gps.  I don't know why.  It's nifty.

Aw, thank you all for yo... *picks up new GPS gadget* Oh, pretty *presses random buttons and makes GPS device go bleep*
Yay Froggy - Happy birthday smile.gif
Happy Birthday umm..... ME! I can be so selfish sometimes. rolleyes.gif
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