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Full Version: Mata Meet 3 - May 15th, Leeds, Uk
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Cath Sparrow
Pixie will probably be plus boyfriend I think I'm willing to share with who ever and will be there even if Lea isn't. Or will try my bloody hardest any way.
QUOTE (Snugglebum the Destroyer @ Jul 6 2004, 01:36 AM)
Me and Forever Unknown would like to find someone who can get us there though?  Anyone in Hampshire/Wiltshire who's driving?

We have money?

i very well mightbe coming and if anyone is driving up past/ from/ through wiltshire or nearby, can i tag along with you??? i should have money, thus can give you money for petrol or whatever.

damn me not having my license yet.

oh and first week in september is way better.
Snugglebum the Destroyer
I think me and FU will probably be using the train - feel free to join us though.
Industrial Kybosh
First weekend of September it is, then.

It'll just be me coming along, BTW, Spacehappy. And I will be needing accomodation. Will share, and will bring own pyjamas.

That second place you listed sounded great. Love the idea of taking over a small hotel - my experience of such is that the owners will often want to join in, rendering the whole thing a chaotic mass of wonder.

A new thread for this is in order, with a headcount. I'll be booking the saturday and sunday off work for that weekend, so I'll be there for sure. Obviously. It'd be silly if I wasn't...

Thanks for being such a hard-working and dedicated group. This shindig is in danger of planning itself... wink.gif
ive booked 2nd to 8th off. thankgod it wasnt last weekend of august cause i wouldnt be able to go. damn stock takes. mad.gif
QUOTE (Cath @ Jul 9 2004, 06:00 PM)
Pixie will probably be plus boyfriend I think

Perhaps we should close this thread and point others to this one..otherwise it just gets confusing smile.gif

The Manchester Bash Thread

As I said in that thread, I might not be coming due to family illness as you all know sad.gif I can't decide until the last minute.
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