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Full Version: Whats Your Favorite Mr. Snaffleburger
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i dont think you dont already know this....but i refer to mr sb as "god"
my personal favorite is mr snaffleburger corporation childrens show. what about you?
i dunno. that one was good, but the first two were classics. even so, i voted for the food one just because it was hilarious.
I hate to say this, but I don't like Mr. Snaffleburger. SB's Television show made me laugh, but I can't say that he trips my trigger even yet. Mittens is the best, followed by the illustrious Goth Girl in my book. Therefore, I didn't vote in this poll.

I'm sorry! I can't control what I like!

*ducks and covers*
oh yeah btw i dont belive it is right to vote on my own polls but i still state my own opinion. emily youve disapointed me! how can you not love him? well, i am tolerant of others beliefs, so i can accept that and still love you! i hope others can do the same...NO RACISM AGAINST EMILY! vote for me smile.gif
Tricky one... But I tend to love the most recent animation I've made the most so 'Food' gets my vote.

Mr Sb is a tricky one, some people love him some people just aren't bothered, I thin it depends on what you're doing in life. I know that there's a lot of office workers who think he's great for resisting The Man.

When I was a kid it seemed that every TV show had a glove puppet of some sort on it and eventually all of the successful ones would have merchandise spun off of them, like pencil cases and suchlike. I just wanted to take that idea further. I guess if you didn't really see that going on and you don't have dealings with huge corportions then the animations won't do anything for you, which is fair enough. This is why I have a range of characters after all, so that different tastes can be explored.
Well, I agree with you Craziness. The first time I saw the Mr. SB childrens show, I couldn't stop laughing. It showed us the true thoughts of Mr. SB, and was just so darn creative. All the episodes has been great though, it's hard to find good satire these days. ph34r.gif
i love the way the sb has the 'is there anything else' line just after a great big blurb of real genius! ist so funny!
and the best line is 'no.. you made me with google eyes so i couldnt read it'

my favorites are the childrens show and happy, coz he rebels and its soooo funny biggrin.gif !
oh and i love the way he talks!!! its great!!!

Crazi world we live in when a burger makes you laugh blink.gif
haha you see mr sb co childrens show is winning. i did not vote. you see? you SEE! it is the greatest!
i voted for the childrens show. Es very funny. laugh.gif ph34r.gif
I voted for the origional. All of them are uber cool, but I like the first one the best. I don't know why.
there seems to be a wide array of opinions as to the best Mr. SB episode. I guess that they are all good laugh.gif
i think it all really depends if you like mr. sb talking to the corporation guy or if you like the actual corporation ads without mr. sb.
mr sb co childrens show because of little tommy and daisy
Mr. Snaffleburger rocks all around.
ARRRRRRRRGH! i can't choose anymore! i'm so confused unsure.gif
theyre all excellent but the childrens show was simply the best.
i dunno. it was great but it broke from traditional mr. snaffleburger convos with the corporation guy but maybe that's a good thing. mr. snaffleburger's rebellion might actually be better than the normal convos so maybe the children's show is the best. or maybe it's all just a cia conspiracy. OMG ph34r.gif!
Sarah the Spider
Gotta love Mr. SB! And he is exactly right about the glove puppet thing. I mean, think of Elmo..."Elmo says you should go to Toys'R'Us" It's scary! Ahhh!
when you think about it, elmo's the mr. sb of the real world. if you get into a cab (in new york city anyway), there's about a 1 in 3 chance you'll hear elmo tell you to buckle your seat belt and when you get out, he tells you to get all your stuff and get a receipt. and he's in lots of tv commercials telling kids what to do and buy. whoa... i think i've uncovered some kind of huge conspiracy ph34r.gif
Mr Snaffleburger is Happy made me think of Fillerbunny. Don't ask me why. I don't know. *curls up in the fetal position.
Mr Snaffleburger would eat elmo
Old Thread Ressurection!
Lord of darness
I like the is happy one it is the best.
yay my thread was ressurected!!!!!!
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