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The Lorax
Alright---this was just brought on by random boredomness...and well...I'm only fourteen myself-but really mature It's me atleast. >.>;

It's from the POV of a guy---and just...just read...

Once upon a midnight dreary
As I pondered weak and weary
Smoking a bong—wearing only my thong
Thinking of beautiful Lenore.
My street corner whore—Lenore.

And as the smoke rose in elevation
I came to the very sad revelation
That after we had retired from or frequent spanking
Humping, blowing, licking sucking
To put it loosely we were f***ing
After I had closed my eyes and had fallen asleep
About my house that whore did creep
Stealing watches and money alike
All while I snored and dreamed of that dyke

In the morning as the sun rose
It told me of the absence of Lenore
My street corner whore
With Pam Anderson’s breasts
And Beyonce’s tummy
She made my insides feel funny(^_~)
And even though she robbed me blind
I still like to picture her round behind
Her chest bouncing up and down
As she moaned my name aloud

Ah, yes beautiful Lenore
My STD infested street corner whore
Took all my possessions
But left me this:
Herpes and a fist full of crabs
And these things that look like scabs

That was all that was left of my time with Lenore
My beautiful street corner whore
laugh.gif Nice parody.
Sir Maxerpopple
Very nice. But she is a lesbian who was sex with you? As a guy? Might you mean bisexual?
The Lorax
No---this is a poem written in the POV of a guy...that just happened to be written by a 14 year old girl >>;
I think he's talking about your reference to 'dykes'

Which means Lesbian... if it's written from the POV of a guy... well... yeah.

Although many whores are lesbians, who still have sex with paying male customers... probably because of the clientel, would turn me off men too... if I was a girl... unsure.gif
Tenacious C

But wasn't there supposed to be a crow in there?
A raven, TC. A raven. laugh.gif
*claps hands*
Bravo! Bravo!
excellent job, i must say! excellent job! smile.gif
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