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Full Version: Poems...(2)
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This topic is for the sake of letting ones feelings out. I have a couple poems, real depressing stuff; heres one...

A World Without Skies
In a world without skies,
Sorrow fills the air;
In the dreary darkness,
I am standing there.

There are people all around me
Yet here I stand alone;
To escape this hellish sadness,
Suicide I must condone.

I hold in my hand,
A gun to my head,
In a matter of moments,
I will be dead.

As the gunshot rings,
The echoes and I die;
I guess that's what happens
In A World Without Skies

tell me what you think; was it good, was it bad, do i need therapy? tell me

Best Regards,

it was a very deep poem...tho i think you should consider all the joys in your life before u act on what hate u have inside for yourself.
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