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Full Version: Bipolarity
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As the title implies, this is about bipolarity. In actuallity, its two poems I wrote about 2 years ago that are opposites.(Follow the colors to tell the difference, that and the ryhmes)

I Am You
Within my hollowed shell I sleep,
This anger welling up deep inside,
For fear of discovery, I dare not speak
By the laws of manic I do abide.
My life is empty, it's oh so bleak
Anger and Rage are always nigh;
As I quietly lay here and weep.
My actions these feelings personify.
What will you do, what will you do,
Now you're screwed, now you're screwed
Now that you know that I am you.
Sir Psycho Sexy
they actually play against each other quite well....not sure about the last two lines though... unsure.gif
In explanation of the last couple of lines, What will you do, what will you do is more worrisome, Where as Now you're screwed, now you're screwed is more aggravated
Gothymothy girl
Uh. Kyo. Seriously, do something else, like Clay. Practicing with your sword or something. This is way to depressing. Really. Do something.
Sir Psycho Sexy
QUOTE (Kyo @ Apr 11 2004, 12:35 AM)
Where as Now you're screwed, now you're screwed is more aggravated

i got the meaning, its just that the type of language in that line seems a little out of place compared to the rest of the piece
Oh, I like it very much. I haven't been classified as bi-polar, but I often see myself in situations with myself divided, on two ends of the spectrum, just like your poem. It's very simple, but I do like it.
Your poem reminds me of a song from the musical jekyll and hyde.

Can't you see
It's over now?
It's time to die!

No, not I!
Only you!

If I die,
You die too!

You'll die in me
I'll be you!

Damn you, Hyde!
Set me free!

Can't you see?
You are me!

Deep inside!

I am you!
You - are - Hyde!

sorry....I just found that amusing... great poem by the way
Dreams On Hiatus
That was good, I liked it. smile.gif

--your poem, that is.
Patient #212
I think the format's very creative. Well done.
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
I like that poem. Where'd you get the inspiration?
I didn't really get the inspiration from anywhere. it just kinda popped up. that and i'm almost positive that i am bipolar, so ...yeah...
Short and trite. I'm not a fan... the subject is a little something new, but its poorly executed. I like the whole font color thing, but really... I'm left not feeling anything. Your language quite simply doesn't seem to fit here, or maybe it does and maybe, my friend, that is the problem.

Or whatever.
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