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Full Version: My Spetacular And Wonderful Poems
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yay read and enjoy

Skeleton Girl:
Poor little skeleton girl
sits all alone
For noone wants to be friends
with a girl made of bones.
(The picture of her is the coolest, ill have to post in some day)

Ming Ming
There once was a cat named ming ming
who woke up by a bell that went ding ding
He got up and meowed and looked over there
to see that his owner had for him a nice juicy bear

There once was a spider named nancy
who liked to spin webs very fancy
one day she met stan
a nice spider like man
and ate him right up in francy

and one last and final poem

It was unussually gloomy that day for eddy
when he realized that he could talk to his teddy
for most kids this was good but for eddy real bad
for noone knew the ideas teddy had
poor teddy was crazy, well just in his head
it had come from being shoved between the wall and the bed
Eddy told teddy about being alone
his dathers obsession was ms. laura vonstone
Teddy wanted amusement so he said get a knife
and stab that no good father of yours soon to be wife
And undoubtfully eddy did as he said
when his father came home miss vonstone was dead

Thank you Thank you, comments please?
the one with teddy is the best
How could I not love anything that contains crazy talking teddies? This is fantabulous poetry biggrin.gif
All of it's great...the teddy one the best...the teddy reminds me of Schmee. Luckily when my teddy bear talks to me he does the opposite tongue.gif

"Let's go stab something"
"No, how about we vegetate and reflect"
"Better idea, goodnight teddy"

In fact I need a nap now.
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