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Full Version: Poetry Contest Number 2!
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Dreams On Hiatus
Okay, here comes the next poetry contest! Before I make the rules and before entries are accepted I need three other co-judges. Once I have three co-judges, I will write out the rules (and procedure, for the co-judges).

PM me if you want to be a co-judge!

First come, first serve. smile.gif
Here's my submission, to get things started.

The original Ode To A Smoke Break Poem:

I was sitting out back in a lawn chair.
I breathed in a bug,
It got caught in my nose hair.
Otay, so what are the rules? Cuz I want to enter some poetry in your contest.
One serious one to balance out the silly one. It's old but I think it's good.


Laying behind a veil of happiness and sanity
Is the crazed depressed Girl I used to be.
Dormant, yes, but she still is awakened time and again.
When will she awaken again?
Who knows?
Months of a seemingly endless smile abound,
But she stirs behind her veil.
Cold, alone, here I lay a strong and happy Woman.
Popping open with a snap,
The eyes of a lil' girl look through the veil of hers.
She comes again and regretfully I allow her to take over.
She brings gifts.
Gifts of self pity;
Gifts of self doubt;
Gifts of anger for a decaying world;
Also brings a gift far worse,
The remembrance of the words of a man I knew so long ago.
"No man could ever love you.
You are worthless.
You actually think your life has a purpose?"
Such cold harsh words,
And yet they ring some truth.
Tears form,
And fall
Landing on a pillow which has soaked up many a tear.
And so this strong happy Woman
Lays on her bed ashamed.
For she is crying and afraid;
Afraid of her own self doubt;
No longer this Woman,
Again a little Girl.
Ive got to enter one! being moi the discredited man as I am in this forum...


You were the one darkness recommended
a relation to tragedy, obscurity and night
on the day she stood, in divinity, on the clearest of blue
Arcadian skies crushed by bolts of thunder
Warning whispered from the dark "strangers will not return..

We spoke too much, until time no longer existed
you slept in front of me and only then I resisted
but no, I have nothing to offer you
im just so lonely hanging on this noose
so thank you and goodbye

Wishing it was so simple I mean,
would you just say goodbye
if you knew your heart would stop beating?
You are the deepest wound I have ever self-inflicted
and I have lost the most blood... Its over
Dreams On Hiatus
Okay here is the co-judge list:

1. Artemisia
2. (open)
3. (open)

As for the rules and when the contest starts, it hasn't yet, because I need two more co-judges. wink.gif
I'll enter, but I don't want to judge. Should I post my entry(S) here?
Dreams On Hiatus
Yes, when the contest starts. I still need two more co-judges.

Come on, guys I wanna start this contest!! biggrin.gif
Dreams On Hiatus
Co-judge list update:

1. Artemisia
2. Sir Maxerpopple
3. (open)

I need one more! Just one more!! biggrin.gif
But don't we need an odd number of judges in case of a tie-breaker? Come on people, you know you want to co-judge! It'll be fun!

/end spam
Sir Maxerpopple
Hurry people! Judges! Competitors! Anyone reading this?
oo oo oo!! can i be a co-judgey peson thingy?? probly not huh tongue.gif
Sir Maxerpopple
PM DoH and then we can start this contest.
I think the thread died.... nyuh-oh
oooh i want to enter

if this thread isnt completely dead
By the way, I'm all for entering.
Dreams On Hiatus
sorry I haven't been online much, guys. I promise to get this contest started at latest by next week. I have the prom coming up and this week has been extremely busy.
Mmm.... prom ^^ I want a tux!.... but.... its hard to find tails for a girl.... a skinny girl.... with narrow shoulders. GRR!

Er, I'll enter too when the contest starts ^^
Sir Maxerpopple
I guess this is kind of dead...
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