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Full Version: Hmm Hmm..dumbness
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yeah thes r just sum dumb things.....

Crazy Mixed up poem--- One bright day, In the middle of the night, Two dead men stood up to fight, Three blind men see a fair play, forty mutes to yell Hurray!, back to abck they face each other, Drew ther swords and shot each other.

Stupid lil' Story,...thingys......???

One time, I had a dream, I was petting bunnies, then the one I was petting turned black and grew giant fangs, I ran away, then all the other bunnies did the same thing, and then they were all chasing me. Then a moose came down and killed a few, but the rest killed it, then they started chasing me again. So I yelled and ran at them and I killed them, the end.

Crazy? I was crazy once. they put me in a room, a round room, a round ruber room, a round rubber room with rats, round rats, round rubber rats, round rubber rats with wheels and the wheels kept turning and turning and drove me crazy!!! crazy? I was crazy once. . .

....hmm-hmm happy.gif...... im dumb.....
duncha jus luv it??! i know i do!!
eeyanyways....ill scoot out fer now^_^
for my typeo...BACK...not abck...hmm! abck...abck! HAH! i like that! happy.gif


aw what no one likes dumbness??? tongue.gif happy.gif

{Gothic Angel}
Lol i like dumbness that just moved from dumb into surreal... but verrrrrry funneh biggrin.gif
hmm....*leans over close to u and whispers*=..whats surreal mean..? mellow.gif
lol really i dont know what it means happy.gif kinda funny eh...
I think I remember those from third grade...

No really. The sad thing is is that I'm completely serious.
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