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Here's three of the *many* poems I've written (over 50 in the past year). Comments and critiques would be nice. smile.gif

Bloody Flowers - 1/19-20
My hair's a mess,
My tear's have gone cold.
Why can't I have someone,
to hug and to hold?
My wounds are self-inflicted,
I can feel the anguish coming fast.
I can feel the throbbing of my heart,
Each beat aches more than the last.
The rhythm pounds in my mind,
I can hardly breathe.
With trembling hands,
I take my knife from its sheathe.

I clench my fists,
I stand up tall.
Gathering courage,
to take my final fall.
I grip the bloody knife,
in my hand one last time.
Desperate to remove the pain,
with this ultimate crime.
I raise it to my chest,
taking my last breath.
It's saving me from my life,
So I fall unto death.

I lie in a pool of blood,
My body's all that's to see.
I'm no longer alone today,
Now I'm alone for eternity.
Just minutes later, you appear,
to tell me that you care...
to apologize for everything,
You're completely unaware.
Dropping flowers in my blood,
thinking it can't be true.
Kneeling over my body, you sob,
Knowing it's all because of you.

I Love You, I hate You
I love so much about you,
I could never name it all.
I love your pretty eyes and hair,
I love it that you’re tall.

I love your sense of humor,
and how much you really care.
I love how much you love me,
and that you’re my huggle bear.

I love your nails painted black,
and I love your scent.
I love you so freaking much,
you must be heaven-sent.

I love it when you’d look at me,
and whisper those magic words.
I love how you understand me,
and know just how my mind works.

But I hate the million times you hurt me,
and when you make me cry.
I hate when you’d deny me a hug,
and when you’d pass me by.

I hate when you’d ignore me,
or call me a bad name.
I hate it when you’d be nice to me,
and play your foolish games.

I hate when you made me feel dumb,
making fun of me.
I hate all those things you’d do,
never an apology.

I hate when you’d break promises,
and cause me to shed a tear.
But the one thing I really can’t stand,
is the fact that you’re no longer near.

Giving up - 4/14/03
Yet another death, another suicide,
On his face was a smile, but his face lied.
Though we'll never be completely certain why,
The path he chose...he chose to die.
No one truly knows what ran through his mind,
Maybe looking through his things, an answer, you will find.
A hint...a clue to why he felt he could not take,
The cruel world for one more day, yet a smile, he did fake.
Always laughing, never a frown,
He could turn our day completely upside down.
Even though we weren't really friends,
He'll keep a smile on my face, a place in my heart until time ends.

The poem above is a tribute to Michael Charles Nash
(February 12, 1988 -April 13, 2003). May he rest in peace.

poems © Angela Grana

To read more of my poems, visit my site
Hey,..thems wer really good,...i liked em alot! happy.gif

i like the first and second one the best...
the first one cause thats,...thats like how i feel most the time,....if tryed to kill me self lots of times...but someone always catches me... mellow.gif

and the second one i liked cause its how i feel about my ex....the effin bastard..(am i alowed ta say that?..oh wll i said it)...
the third one was nice too,..kinjda reminded me of this kid i knew the died...he didnt commit suicide...but still...
u should put more up..casue if the rest are like them ones..thre gonna be awsome! smile.gif
im gonna post someof mine soon...but thre not NEAR as good as urs...but yeah...L8

Your poems capture some of the feelings I cant quite get into my own poetry.... and yours is stated right out, my poetry is sort of in knots and tangles that even I cant undo sometimes.... Just as a comparison....
To quote Scrubs (to those of you who don't know what that is, go and watch. NOW.) "No. No, newbie. No. That's a bad girl!"

Seriously, I'm only reviewing the first one, as it's a tad late, but here goes.

As this board will soon learn, I. Hate. Angst. Espescially Linkin Park-esque stuff about self mutilation and all that jazz. Back when Poe did it, it was ok, but now every literate teenager has some poetry about how they hate themselves/society/everything. To form a nice analogy: this kind of poetry is the "smooth jazz" of music. It has no soul. The people that "compose it" might aruge, but we all know that that's a big no-siree-bob.

Seriously, learn to stop being such a bloody angst spewing teenager, take some prozac, and live life. For further information on that subject, check out all of Foamy's rants and Dating advice on

Sol Lavender
Shrunk and White had something to say about this kind of pedantic, sing-songy, flippant style of writing. The kind that might contain something like: "a big no-siree-bob." They gave an example of an aged and cretinous professor attempting to be trendy and hip, by inserting such annoyances into a newsletter. Do not affect a breezy manner again here, sir.
gothictheysay's called CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I may strongly dislike a piece of literature on this board, but that does not mean I can be hateful about it. So please, let's be pleasant and loosen up. And don't dictate what people should do. Hah, sounds hypocritical doesn't it? But we all just want to play nice here, not condemn others.

I haven't read through them all, but I do like the last one. I am an advocate of SYNONYMS biggrin.gif They could use some editing, but they're OK for a start! smile.gif
Gothictheysay: Yeah, I constantly edit my poetry, making improvements. And synonyms? Yeah, need to find those. However I was most likely away from my computer or a dictionary when writing these, so I've stuck with what I've got for now.

PsychWardMike: Okay. You hate that type of poetry/songs/etc. Good for you. Not to be a b*tch, but I actually don't care. And for me, that's a good thing because I'm someone that doesn't take criticism very well. Perhaps next time (assuming I put up more) I'll put "angst" or something in the title, so you know to dodge it. Unless of course you'll just read it anyway so you can reply on how much you hate this kind of crap. dry.gif

As for me, the world of hatred of society etc. music is still new to me, and being an depressed/angry teen, I rather enjoy it. I rather enjoy most music; I guess I don't have high standards. So, okay, you hate teens who complain like that. Yeah, I could see how that could get annoying. But it doesn't annoy *me,* because I feel their pain. But I don't think ranting about how you hate it is going to make our pain go away. Might just do the opposite, in which case, there would be more "angsting".

You sound like a person who isn't diagnosed with depression. I bet you're even one of those people that enjoys life. Good for you. But for some of us, it isn't so easy to be happy. Sorry if it bothers you that we're upset because the damn chemicals in our brains are unbalanced. mad.gif Maybe you wouldn't hate it so much if you had this kind of pain. I know that everyone has to deal with their own crap, but unless you've got what I've got, you can't begin to comprehend how it can feel like no one cares or...any of the crap that is being "complained" about.

I don't know about everyone else, I'm sure there are some who complain for attention. And that there are people who cut their wrists/threaten suicide for attention, but I don't. As an ex-wrist-cutter, I write my poetry to get my feelings out, and people say I have talent, so I decided to see what everyone thought of them. I'm going to set your opinion aside, as you are an "angst-hater".

Oh, and by the way, I've already seen *all* the Foamy animations they have so far, and I enjoy them. I'm an angry/depressed, gothy teen who can laugh at a squirrel making fun of people like me. wink.gif Yay for me. happy.gif
and i dont know why
but you are everyone i see
i dont care about everything that they care about
why are you so important to me?
i barely know you
you are practically a stranger
but all i want
all i need
every piece inside of me
is yearning
begging to be with you.
every second
every minute
every day
asleep and awake
we dont even have to talk
just to feel you and see you would be enough
i just cant understand
why do you do this to me
what power do i give you?
what is it about you that draws my heart nearer
inching closer and closer
every time we touch its fever
the heat in the air makes me want you
everyone else makes me want you
but i dont even know why.
Ooh, I like. I try to do ones like that...sentence-type ones that don't rhyme, but I end up rhyming some dry.gif , so then I just rhyme it all. smile.gif
thanks biggrin.gif i was just feeling all artsy and a bit confuzed about this guy, every other second i really like him but i dont know why. i usually suck at poetry
craziness your maturity shows in your work, the emotions and content of what you feel are translated well. I always knew I could expect good things from you wink.gif
thank you biggrin.gif
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