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The written bit of my coursework is finally done and handed in...just the presentation to go on thursday

My second wireless card finally arrived...haxx0red it to pretend to be an access point and now I can web browse and use IRC from the comfort of bed laugh.gif

Feeling far less stressed now

I found out I had a bout £300 more than I thought biggrin.gif
6 People told me I was sexy today! (It was ASS hot out, so I shedded my hoodie and wore some pink shirt, which aparently compliments my skin color happy.gif)
I was walking to the library and I found half a pack of cigarettes on the ground *pocketed* With my luck though, the person who dropped them had mono or something. I'll live.
I got out of gym class because I had a guidance appointment *score one!* and finally convinced my friend she needed to talk to my counselor... and today I found out she did. While I had my appointment, I made it official to start Spanish I so that when I go coooollege I can pursue my PhD in Literature. They want you to study literature in two languages, you see. Teehee, I'm going to speak Spanish.

It was a very good day biggrin.gif
QUOTE (leopold @ May 11 2004, 04:36 AM)
I just noticed that Lo still hasn't passed me on the post-count, meaning that despite my extended period of "not here as much as before", I'm still 90 posts clear of her (91 counting this one!) and still second on the spam board... I mean, top 10 posters *cough* happy.gif

I also note that said list contains 4 mods (5 if we include D-Man, which we should really), three of which are in the top 5! And the last 4 places on there are occupied by people who don't come here any more, for whatever reasons. And Lo is probably the most active member in there as well.

Why does all this make me happy? I dunno... maybe it's cos by doing this, I'm not doing any actual work! laugh.gif laugh.gif

I haven't been posting as much recently so you got to keep your spot. lol.

Today I talked to the guy I like in one of my classes without making an ass out of myself and I was comfortable! Only one more class to go though. laugh.gif

I didn't hit the black car without it's headlights on head on!

I had cash on me to pay for my gas when the atm network went down.

We got to shoot balloons today in archery and I took out all of the pink ones on our target single handedly.

I found out that this month again that I am not carrying the bastard child of God. laugh.gif

I got my hack the corporate reality shirt!
I *think* that I may have passed my Physiology course.

Positive thinking, right? happy.gif

Anyway, the good news is, only 4 exams left, and my two hardest ones are done! Yay!
okay.. so if you’re not on my LJ you wouldn’t know.. but I came home yesterday to find my next-door neighbor had broken into my house.. I caught him in the living room trying to run out the back door.. It’s a long story.. but.. being scared to death since this guy has a crush on me.. I was really freaked out.. I'm thinking the crazy stalker guy was sniffing my panties upstairs... ew ew ew ew ew
so.. I installed a dead bolt lock on my front door last night with the help of my roomie.. so today, my other roomie comes home.. and compliments us on a job well done. He thought a locksmith had done the job! I have to say.. considering the amount of stress I was under.. and our saw bit broke halfway through the door..and most of the work was done with a hammer, screw driver, and a drimmle tool... I am very impressed with my handy work!
the lil' pie fairy
it's the second from last day of official school-dom until after all my exams

i found an emergency bikini diet mag from a magazine i wanted but can't afford. i've now pilfered it, and that bikini body will be mine! mwahaha laugh.gif

i have four litres of dr.pepper here at school to get me through days spent here revising. and it's still on offer. more easily accessible...good times!

oh, and lastly i'm off round a friends house. to play soul caliber 2. hehe...what whupass there will be rolleyes.gif
I got asked out today. Sure it wasn't by the guy I wanted to ask me out and sure I didn't say yes, but that doesn't change the fact that I got asked out today. laugh.gif

I think I did really well on the first half of my statistics final!

Only 2 finals and then I'm done for the semester!
I got asked out today. Sure it wasn't by the guy I wanted to ask me out and sure I didn't say yes, but that doesn't change the fact that I got asked out today.


My friend insinuated I might be able to see him over the summer, despite the fact all his friends think I am some form of the antichrist.

I had a pretty good time at the field trip today.

I had a nice nap.

I have a lot of plans for Friday night-Sunday morning.


That is so joyful for me. ^^
6 days till I leave for Jamaica!!!! woooohoooooooo!!!!!!!
Going to the beach tomorow.. so I get to fly my big arse kite! YAY!!
Looking forward to having a awesome weekend!
I finished Statistics today! Only one more final to go and it will be cake!

I got one of my rings in that I ordered so now I'm up to all 9 fingers that I want to have rings on them with rings!
This morning I was in Jamaica eating breakfast overlooking the clear blue ocean.. Tonight I am sitting in a coffee shop in the states surrounded by my friends..
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