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Full Version: Look Mummy, I'm A Manga-ka
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Ever-ambitious to the point of suicidal, mein freundin Nakki and I have undertaken to create a manga, and we would appreciate feedback muchly. Our sleep-starved brains need reassurance and criticism. Here's some very basic backstory and a priliminary character ink (very bad quality picture, sorry--the paper is rolled on the left hand side. Malory's head is not really that warped.). Note that Spirits are not supposed to have genders, but in reference to Malory I usually use he and Faris she for simplicity's sake. This is our first attempt at drawing them to-gether, so we appreciate the feedback. Oh! And if anyone french-speaking has an idea for a title, do tell. We're curious. ^^ Anyway:

Malory is an insane demon lord who, upon learning the power to upset the balance between heaven and hell lies in an old cathedral in Paris, kills a new priest on the day he arrives and takes his place. Faris is a frustrated second-triad angel sent to deliver a Mission from God (find out what a demon is doing in Paris and stop him) to a hapless priest in Paris and watch over him in the guise of an alter boy. Unfortunately for Faris, Malory has just killed said priest. Unfortunately for Malory, he is now under directives from God to stop himself.

Hmm... I've never seen this before.

Either way, guess who! You know my thoughts on this already... Just dropping in to say hi.
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