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Full Version: New Spoken Word..
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Hear goes the first draft.. it will be a while before it is actually ready to be read in a public..

the hues of your blues like shadows under a walking mans shoes
cover and stare finding moments and inspiration everywhere
yellow light of swinging lamps sway over your way
while the dust dances in there light your hands cover the range
black and whites rise and fall with the tremble of your frowl
the notes drift around you as the booze flows through you
mesmerized as your hands pound and bend the rigid keys
the people from uptown call it art.. or music.. or jazz..
while you call it sex..
sweat dripping off you nose sex..
good old fashion fucking..
just you and your wooden partner taking the beating
as your hands create the rhythm your body is receiving
your head hung low as you body turns up the time
the world around you melts into everything and then into something
the two are now one, you and your wooden friend, steel and ivory..
blues and blacks.. hymns and old crumpled voice tracks..
mingling together for an after sex smoke..
the last notes reverberate from inside you
as you choose to refuse the suggestions of your rich mans muse

[artistically justified swearing, so fair enough - Mata]
Your words are like music in my ears. Love the flow, love the choice of vocabulary I give it 5 snaps!
thanks lo..
Fallen Element
wow! a special person told me to come read this! and im soooo glad they did! *nods and winks tongue.gif

it was like fluid...lovely wateryness that flowed over me! kinda like what it was talking about! sex! passion and ness!


*gives ravein big arsed scarf of wowishness!

i liked...a lot!

Fal xXx

EDIT: i don wanna be left out! *snaps with lo and acid*
Wow, I really got into that! It was beautiful *snaps with Lolo*
thanks guys smile.gif
ok.. so...
i'll play the jazz while you rock the poem...
as soon as we open the restaurant.
I dont know if I will look as cool since I quit smoking...
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