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You know,

we all have some form of nickname or other

what are some of yours and how did you get them?

My nick NamEs:

Mel-short for Melanie

Meanie-if you take the L out of melanie,thats what you get

Ho # 2- me and my friend kate were talking to this guy jesse and he made us hoes

Nipple Pimp-Kylee and me have a strange nipple hand shake...and i guess that just kind of came to be

Nipple girl-um..actually from a completely different,kristi,jordan,kate,and tamee were making a balloon arch and kate called the little tie thinggie a niple so somehow we became the nipple ators

Exlent Mel-Me and joey(jack skellington) were rapping and we made up a band called Literate Gangsters,and im exlent mel!

CheeseIt-my nickname i got from asb..not sure how tho..

Rocky-i was a "rock chick" so ppl started calling me rocky

Sexy Tortilla-me and my friend katie made up wierd nick names for eachother
and somehow me,kisha,kate,and tamee formed the Sexy Mafia

Anee-the end sound of my name

Thats all i can think yah so what r some of your nicknames and howd you get them
warning: PG13 rating kinda but not really

Jules-> obvious

Nip-> I can't believe I'm admitting this:
It was really hot at work one night, so I put a wet paper towel and some ice in my hand up my shirt and along my back to cool off etc etc...and one of my brother Andy's friends who worked with me, saw me doing this from the other side of the room and thought I was, um,.. fondling my chest. And he immediately yelled across to me, 'You playing with your nips, Nip Nip?!' happy.gif
It's kinda funny now that i look back on it, but I was furious at the time. After that he and of course everyone else started calling me Nip. I gave up protesting because it didn't matter if I was fondling or not, they argued I'd never admit to them if I really was so how were they to know for sure I wasn't. It's been so long since that, now that I think about it, 5 years. It's more like a pet name now.
While wrestling in high school, I earned the nicknames of Roach and Beast. The precious was for my toughness on the mat. The latter was for my ferocity during matches.

Anything involving the word "fat" is usually tagged to me by my friends.

My brother calls me "Big J" all the time. I refer to him as my "little bastard."


yep thats it...
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
Some people call me Millie or Millie-mil because my full name is Amelia. I'm also known as Silver, which you probably know already. Silver is my favorite metal thingy, and it kinda describes me in a way.
Various nick names I've earned - don't ask how:

Trina bina
Triny biny
Tree (as in an actual tree, not a spin off of my name)
Baby Cakes
Trina Lee
Trina Baby
Hey you
Helga the Narfling
Orphan #1
Tornado Trina

...I think that's it but I'm not sure >_<

oh and my asshole of a coach randomly calls me his prodigy, prodigy 2 out of his prodigy pair.
here goes...

Snoo, obviously, started off as a name I used on forums and kinda went from there...people think it suits me so they call me it blink.gif

Etty, what my family call me (even my Grandparents huh.gif ) started off from Et which is what my cousin called me when I was little and it's stuck. Also used by people who find out about it and think it's cute dry.gif

Went through a phase of Eddy, Edmund, Dish, Wendel, Wen, Moose Boy and some others I can't think of right now affectionately dubbed to me by Steve (moop) for some reason or really annoyed people when he called me Wen 'cos they all thought he was talking to them - hehe

Also E* 'cos it sounds like Esther and E

Lots of people just refer to me as dearie which I find quite odd but meh

oh and of course "English Muffin" which my Australian friend Daniel calls me occasionally because he likes English muffins and I'm his favourite English person...but I have no idea what an Englsih muffin is ph34r.gif

Umm yeah, that's about it!
{Gothic Angel}
Jen - short for Jennifer. Actually i didnt know my name was Jennifer until year 2, cos my rents always called me Jenny

JenJen - i have no idea where this came from

Elfy - I play a lot of online roleplaying games, and my bf at the time decided to call me elfy because i always play elves. At around the same time a friend from school started calling me Elfy cos i sang in elvish at a school concert.

Magic Raye
- The name of my magic-user character on an online game. came from aforementioned bf

Smeagol - apparently my gollum voice is gd.

Bunny Girl - It started off in a conversation between my bf and his best mate and me, and sort of stuck.

Chipmunk #3 - You know that old TV programme, the chipmunks? Me and Meesh and Loubeelousing that song in that annoying helium voice

Jekneefer da sneefer - Dont ask. My friend is increadibly random.

straj001 - My school log-in name.
The Lorax
Kaede---My real full name is Catherine, so Kaede just stuck

Kaedeness---Julie's name for me. happy.gif she be Julieness.

Katydid---My dad.

Kate---the short short version of my name, mainly used by my parents

Kae---My girlfriend's nickname for me--well one of them.

Kae-chan---Used by my online buddies, Riz and Riko, and sometimes Kassy.

Key---Lexy's name for me...I didn't ask why.

Cath-er-in---A friend in dance, Katlyn breaks up my full name and...well...other people started with it too.

Clevage---I have a rather large rack and my Brandon was throwing ice down my shirt, Steff got mad and so she 'claimed' my clevage. Thereafter, she began calling me Clevage.

Firefly---Another name used by my girlfriend.

Mine---Callie's nickname for me. Because I, with the exception of my clevage, am hers.

Lady---Brandon. He is Buddy and I am Lady.

Scary Goth Girl---Retards who don't know me call me this. Alright--I am NOT goth, gothic, whatever. Just to keep things straight.

Donkey---Once again my brothers....they say i'm an ass. _ _;;

Tugger--My brothers and I watch too much South Park, and we saw the 'Fightin around the World' episode where Russel Crowe's boat, Tugger, commits suicide. And well they're seriously skewed and I was caught in the aftermath.

Sad thing is...I awnser to ALL of them.(except for the last three)

...that's it for now---I keep gettin new ones but I guess what i have now is fine... you fine people can call me any of these...except for the last three... PlEaSe?
Clive => Someone was trying to guess my middle name, and it stuck.

Cue Tip => Some people in the year above though i looked like 'Whitey' out of Me, Myself and Irene, and it stuck.

Light Bulb => Again, with the blond hair, it stuck.

Gulliver => Strange name, strange person.

Gay Lover => Inspired by a teacher who read my name, but could not read my handwriting.

Hedgehog => One of my online names, on forums and stuff.

Greeneyes => Another online name (i have a few). Only means something to me.

Puppy => Something someone calls me (for reasons unknown).

Other names i've been called: Silver bullet, angel, someone's taken to calling me goth or goth-boy, and some other stuff...
Hmm. I've had a few nicknames over the years, but none of them have ever really stuck.

Gee-off. Because if you mispronounce my name, Geoff, it sounds like that.

G D. Because those are my initials.

Ffeog ("fee-og") and Ffoeg ("Foh-egg"). Because the later is my name spelled backwards, and the former because Jaq tried saying my name backwards and it came out wrong.

Mon Ange. Had to do with Artemesia being obsessed with medieval art, the angel Gabriel, and my hair. I disliked it then, moreso now.

Dalmation Boy. I actually get a real kick out of this one. It has connections with the name "Engrid" (intentional misspelling of Ingrid) that I nicknamed my friend Jenn. The names stuck, and we used them as noms de plume for our poetry thingy thingy in high school.

Dunno. I don't get many nicknames. That's about all I can think of right now. Lame, no?

Edit: God Boy. Another one I had in high school. Came out of the fact that I've always wanted my middle name to be Oscar or Oliver so that my initials would be G.O.D.
WeeJ - A friend of mine noticed I'm quite short....wee even. He then noticed my name is Jennie. I should imagine you can figure the rest out for yourself wink.gif The name pretty much stuck and its something I get called outside of t'internet, which is cool.

Definition of the word 'WeeJ' according to Urban Dictionary

My boyfriend, Drarok, got his nickname from bashing his head on his keyboard and deleting a few letters to make it pronouncable laugh.gif
My mates from home usually call me Burny or Burnard for unknown reasons (possibly involving a chicken fetish and something to do with farm animals, but they never came up with a completely coherent explanation...something to do with a cross between my surname and the word 'barn' possibly)

Friends from uni seem to stick with Steve (conveniently thats also my actual name)

My grandparents call me George cos its my middle name, which really pisses me off most of the time (apparently they called me this before I was born which is why its my middle name in the first place *curses* why god why)

Snoo and my parents seem to call me Ste usually, which is fair enough, as if Steve wasnt short enough or something

moop was just a random sounding word that I thought I would use as a name (looking on urban dictionary it was probably a bad choice, but ignore them, they speak lies!)

knurd62 (my hotmail address) was just a discworld reference (Klatcian coffee makes you knurd, which is like the opposite of drunk and so far the other side of sober that the fluffy clouds of illusion are washed away) and a random number cos someone already had it

llamaman (or llamaman62) is my nick on some other forums and on yahoo, it was just chosen because I couldnt think of anything else and I thought llamas were cool (actually mongooses are cooler but mongooseman just sounds silly(er))
Besides my lazy arse nickname, which consists very simply of my initials (mb), I have been called Boo, Bean, Bean Machine, Pocko, and Beazle. Boo, Bean, and Beazle are because of my name (although God knows how they came about, other than that they had a 'b'), and Pocko (or Pockee) comes from my great love of pocky. Most of my nicknames don't stick...generally everyone learns my initials and gives up on being more creative. lazy arses, I say. ^^
QUOTE (The Lorax @ May 11 2004, 11:35 AM)
Mine---Callie's nickname for me. Because I, with the exception of my clevage, am hers.

Trina calls me that all the time.

Some guys call me Preacher Boy on occasion.
heh hehe...

i got a new nickname today

6-just 6...because at school we all put money in our bras and i had 6 bux

other names

thunder nipples-pet name

supa hard mint flava-gangstah name

bear daddy-gang-star name
The Lorax
QUOTE (Righteous @ May 11 2004, 03:37 PM)
QUOTE (The Lorax @ May 11 2004, 11:35 AM)
Mine---Callie's nickname for me. Because I, with the exception of my clevage, am hers.

Trina calls me that all the time.

Some guys call me Preacher Boy on occasion.

Yay! I'm not alone.... >.> but usually I only hear it when she's in mid-tackle.
My name in variations:

Names Jonathan calls me:

and many others laugh.gif

Sig names used in the past and in drawing:
MoonKitty(first hotmail account)
TigerLily (what I was gonna use for my aol messenger account originally)
DJ Reflection
White Reflection (second hotmail account)
Dark Reflection
Silver Reflection
Blue Dragon (icq account)

And any name ending with 013. 013 is actually my love for the numbers 3 and 13 because thats how my birthday is biggrin.gif 13 between my mom and I is something we lurve!

As for when I started with Tigerlily, as I said, it was originally something I was gonna use for my aol messenger account but it was taken. So moonkitty was born! But Tigerlily later developed into a roleplaying character: an element keeper who controled several elements (not a mage, more a warrior and someone who uses the world around them to fight). I also use my alter ego chatacter in battles in the battling thread and so fourth. I am unsure why the name Tigerlily came in my mind in the first place. Could be because I thought of peter pan, could be because Tigerlilies grow in my backyard, could be anything!
theres not that much you can do with mel....


omg..i almost forgot

Sppac-my last name (capps) spelled backwards
Of the offensive names Rick has called me, I like Fat Stupid the most. Keep in mind: We don't mean anything by what we say. It's all in jest.
J-Chan (I forgot where that came from. Probably something to do with Japenese)
Angel (me)
Love, Hun, Babe (for any of us)
Devil Girl (kids called me this a few yeqars ago when I was in a school wear everyone exceot a group of about five were rich preps.)
Sir Psycho Sexy
hmm...well there's the obvious ones that come from Patrick, Pat (or p@) and Paddy (for the people who don't like pat)

I also got pj from my uncle (Patrick John.....his name is John) and Pip from my idea why, but i kinda like them both....we won't be going into what sickening names my mother calls me (still >_<)
Snugglebum the Destroyer
I used to be called Smiler at school - because once I'd had my braces removed that's all I ever seemed to do.

Variations on Michelle, really only my family do this. My brother calls me 'Chelle and my Nan calls me Mish.

My boyfriend calls me his Pikey Girl when he really wants to wind me up. Wait... I think that counts as mental abuse, actually.... biggrin.gif
Emmy- the cute shorter version of Emily

Em- for the lazy

Emmybear- Vic gave me that one, i dont know why, and i assume he doesnt either

Peck- my sister and brother call me this, because of the movie Willow (peck was
the smallest one)

Fish(y)- growing up we had a pool, and not only was a a great swim, but i never
left the water, so my Keri and her dad gave me the nick

Phoenix- Obiviously, my name on the forum (this also gave me 'Phoe')

Fata- my AIM name is licenziare fata, and so..yeah i dont see wht either tongue.gif

Holty- (inside thing, basically a mispelling of 'hotty')

i have had more growing up, but no one uses them soooo... really no need to mention them
I got called "Hobo" for a week on Adventurous Training, but that's really the only nick I've ever had. I guess "Alex" is just too hard to do anything with. Or no-one loves me.
Or no-one loves me.

i love you

your new nick name is uh....


cuz i cant afford a car so i named my friend alexis:-p
Vic, Vicah, Victorious, Vicky
QUOTE (kidvicious2punk @ May 12 2004, 11:14 PM)
Or no-one loves me.

i love you
your new nick name is uh....
cuz i cant afford a car so i named my friend alexis:-p

See? Nothing can be done with Alex to make it exciting. And thankyou for the love. Love is all we need. Love lifts us up where we belong. Where the eagles fly over mountains high. Oooo-oooh.
QUOTE (Polocrunch @ May 13 2004, 01:52 PM)
See? Nothing can be done with Alex to make it exciting. And thankyou for the love. Love is all we need. Love lifts us up where we belong. Where the eagles fly over mountains high. Oooo-oooh.


Um, well there's always Teh Polos. But I assume you mean nicknames surrounding your real name... so... Lex. There we go. Now I'll always associate you with that awful awful show.
Careful, or I'll get Hiroshima on yo' ass.
One of the more interesting names I've picked up over the years is, "Rick's brother."

With "Righteous," I took the name of Mushroomhead's old lead guitarist when he left the band. sad.gif THis combined with a spiritual experience I had prompted me to adopt the name. "Ri" is just a degenerated form of it.
I've had numerous nicknames over time, all rather different from each other.

Spanna, Matty-Moo, Matricia-Annette Moo (or MAM), Susan, and finally the one I have now, Poppa Moo.

Dunno why Moo though!?
Forum nicknames:

nicknames are soo fun..especially whene theyre like wierd oones that confuze ppl blink.gif laugh.gif
Beast - sucessfully transfered it to my car at the time.
LeeLee - from Mom, I don't know why.
Oh for Pete's sake - according to bro my real first name tongue.gif
Butterfly - Grandparents
Irene - again Mom though not on my birth certificate huh.gif

Quotation marks - bfriend for dimples
Precious - bfriend
Rapunzel - bfriend for my waist length hair
Ashbless - bfriend again we both used it as a last name for email

*dying of sugar* must end naming of names *gasp*
See? Nothing can be done with Alex to make it exciting. And thankyou for the love.
Love you too Polo.
Feel your pain, there isn't much to be done with Valerie either. I keep hoping for Eerie but so far no luck. tongue.gif laugh.gif
i have a friend like that

her names tamee...not much to do with tamee..]

oh i got a new nickname

lol...white chocolate laugh.gif
{Gothic Angel}
My bf calls me his ickle baby or ickle baby Jen sometimes (cos im short).

He also calls me his horney honey sometimes (this is makin my relationship sound quite bad lol).

A few of his m8s called me Dan's missus for a while.

When my ex was tring to split us up, I somehow got nicknamed "sexy ass". I think it was to make him jelous, but tbh i dnt rlly remember.

Micki, Louise, Laura and I used to be called Louara, Mikara, Jenouara and Lara for some reason.

When I was best mates with Dani we called ourselves Jello and Delly cos we needed a name for the company that made our graphics product.
QUOTE (Tigersong @ May 13 2004, 07:58 PM)
Lex. There we go. Now I'll always associate you with that awful awful show.

That show rocks, in its own odd special way. unsure.gif Anyway, it's Lexx, not Lex. You silly person.
I've been known as Goat boy in the past, currently the closest to a nickname I have is Sean calling me a grue. Oh, and this guy I knew would always call me Ozzy. *pokes last name, and pokes retards who don't notice that I don't have the u in Ozzy Osbourne's name*
Tch - Alan's not just a grue, he's a fuzzy grue! happy.gif

Closest thing I have to a nickname is Seanny *shrug*
Muffin- It Rhymes with my last name, and if you switch the two first letters of my name, it makes Muffin.

Mikey- Name is michael.. blasted commercial!

Sysco- I like dragons, and Sysco had the song "Unleash the Dragon" Some preppie people thought it'd be funny to call me that. ~shrug~

Guy with the hole in his chest- Well... i had a hole in my chest. Now its "Guy with the former hole in his chest" I had surgery and got it fixed.

thats about it.
El Nino
I was once called Steven Hendry by the owner of a pub I used to visit regularly .
no one I know is quite stupid enough to even attempt to give me a nickname, they all wish to remain in one piece!
J-Chan (I forgot where that came from. Probably something to do with Japenese)

Jackie Chan maybe?

Oh and Polo.. why not just turn it into Al?

Anyways.. o hoho.. lets see

Yemma-I don't eally know how.. Just Emma.. with a 'y' I guess.

Ema-Just Emma really but I think it looks nicer

Barnaby-We were making names for eachother... and I got stuck with Barnaby... while my friends got Ermintrude Sidebottom, Clementine (or Clemi), Norman and Muhammad... meh

Saxophone Barnaby - Meh, basically some girl came up to me and said, "hey don't you play the saxophone" And I was like.. "waaaa?!" Although I do and so yeah.

EJ - Only my dad calls me this.. just a shortening of EmmaJane

Em - Just some random people call me this, friends family...

Emji-grrrr I hate it when my mum calls me this..

Tomato-I blush, it stuck.

Midge-I'm not short, I'm not, I'm not I'm 5ft tall I am!! But someone who happened to be just 5 inches taller decided that this was a good enough reason to call me midge. meh.

Lil Mush-Ummmm I don't know how this happened.. there's three of us... Lil Lor, Lil Moo and Lil mush.

Emmanuel-I had a sex change....

Well, that's all I can think of now...
Not much of a nickname, but people have been referring to me and my brother as "Rick James, bitch" (his name is Rick; my real name is James).
This is my nickname. "syuu", I mean, along with Katii [my real name is Katelyn], and but two years old, "kitty mow mow" because..I apparently have cat eyes, and it stuck, so everyone uses that.
Casey - Not actually a nickname. It's my real name, and everybody uses it.

Case - People are too lazy to finish saying my name.

Cassy - I hate this. People who read my name without ever hearing it sometimes do this. It makes me want to gnaw their throats out. Or something.

Twitching - I picked it up on SparkNotes a couple of years ago, because I could, and I've gotten attached to it.

Freak Nasty - This one's actually died off because the only friends of mine who used it graduated. Actually nowhere near as bad as it sounds. I got it because we were standing around in Victoria's Secret and I was speculating about a pair of underwear. Said pair of underwear consisted of a lace waistband, and the rest was this string of fake pearls. Disturbing. So one of my friends goes " are so going to be a freak when you grow up." And so I became Freak Nasty for the rest of the year.

Piggy - I mentioned to Vic that I make piggy noses on glass windows and doors and BAM I sprouted a nicknameish thing.
QUOTE (CommieBastard @ May 25 2004, 09:34 AM)
Closest thing I have to a nickname is Seanny *shrug*

Aha! Not so now, milord. tongue.gif

I am called Candy or Candi by way too many people. Mainly British males, for some reason.

Quite a few IRC regs call me Candykins. dry.gif

Moop occasionally calls me Candykins or Candydoodle plus any variety of weird nicknames. I can't remember how that got started, though.

Missy calls me Ice Ice Baby.... dry.gif

Friends from high school called me Spam. This has to do with the way a lot of people spell my name Candace (which is wrong). My parents didn't spell my name that way cause they thought it looked like Canned Ass...and well, that's what Spam is.

But..most people online just call me Cand. The high school friends don't call me Spam anymore, and in real life I'm now usually referred to as Candice, though my family has a nickname for me that will never. ever. be. revealed.
My grandmother calls me Kathleen because she gets me confused with my aunt. My older cousin called me Chris for a while, but then my cousin Christopher was born and it transfered onto him. My little cousins used to call me Chee Chee because they couldn't say my name right, but (thankfully) noone's called me that in years. And I go by Feyliya everywhere on the net and am planning on changing my name to it, so it's not really a nick....

::sniffles:: I have no real nicknames.
I have many things people call me both RL and on the forum different groups tend to prefer different ones so here goes...

Real Life
Friends call me...Eddie, Erwin, Elf, Mini E Viscious Pixie, Tigger, Tigger on speed, Littleun, Hamyster, Rat or occaisionally Pockety. I think maybe my friends have too much time on their hands tongue.gif

Family...Olive Oyle (as in Popeye), Maggot, skinny mini fishtail blink.gif do not ask!

On the forums I do prefer Wyvern as the name has personal significance for me but I dont mind when it gets shortened to Wyv or Wyvy or even Wy. biggrin.gif
Well for me I answer to many names:

My official name is Kathryn and some of the senior dudes who can't get their heads around Ryn call me that

My mum and dad call me Katy and I used that name until I went to university

Most of my friends call me Ryn. That is the name I prefer for most occasions

Faerieryn is a name I came up with for myself as a log in name mainly because I am nuts about faeries and it sounded like faeriering. I'm quite happy with Fae or faerie too

At work I'm Miss Foster cos the kids can't call me by my first name. I hate that. I think it is really stupid. If I can call them by their first names what's the big deal with them calling me by mine. Trust me, them calling me by my title does NOT make them respect me more!

I do get referred to as bunny, hun, babe etc by many people as I call them that too.

I will answer to anything and have been know to answer to numbers and oi you on several occasions
My little sister calls me Jamie, however she is the only person allowed to call me that. It's between us. I get mad when my parents refer to me as such when talking to her and I yelled at Spiffy once for doing so.
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