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Dreams On Hiatus
When you are reading someone else's work, please use constructive criticism.

This does not mean completely bash the person's work, nor does it mean simply say "Good job!" and move on.

If you happen to totally abhor the poem or whatever it is, don't just say "I hate it! That sucked!" By all means, say that you don't like it, but at least give reasons why, and how the person could fix the problem. And also, try to find the good things in the work of art so that the writer can do that again, so he or she knows not only what he or she needs to fix, but what he or she has done right.

Even if you like the work, try to find something the author/poet could fix. Not only will it make them a better writer, but it will undoubtedly help you as well.

I wasn't sure if the topic was already addressed, so I decided I would post something about it.

I would appreciate it if a Mod would make this a sticky. I think it would help a lot of writers/critics to-be.

{Gothic Angel}
Can i make a point that its not just what you say its partly the way you say it. There are plenty of ways to make someone feel shouted at or put down without shouting at them or putting them down.
I agree with your DOH regarding criticism.. though I may not like the work that is presented to me I do appreciate it for what it is. Constructive criticism is essential for a writer to progress.
The mods have discussed this issue. And we are monitoring the situation. At this time I personally donít believe this issue is big enough for a formal rule to be made. We are all adults or believe we are, we should be able to police our own actions.
Sir Psycho Sexy
Listen to this, the subject matter maybe different, but the message is the out for the bad language tongue.gif
QUOTE (PsychWardMike @ May 11 2004, 03:42 PM)

Now that my friend is what you would call spamming a topic. Not that mine is less spamworthy by pointing this out.
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