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Full Version: Photoshop Goodness
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Okay so I think there was a thread like this a while ago.. but I am not sure where it wondered off to.. so to start again.. a place to show off your Photoshop goodies.. Ill start with a theater flyer I just finished.. please feel free to critique..
I like it but I would like it better if the things in the background didn't seem so fuzzy. I don't know if you did that to make the text stand out better, but it makes it harder for me to read the text. Other than that I think it's super fabulous!
yeah... I thought so to.. but on the printed version it works great.. but online it does drown out the text a bit.. I am thinking before I put it there website I will mask it a little bit.. thanks for the input!!!!!!
The Lorax
I really like it! The blurred background does make it somewhat harder to read--but not too much.

And I liked the color choice too---Reds Greys and whites work well together (in my opinion) for some reason.
Dreams On Hiatus
That's really cool. 'Cept the dollar sign is on the wrong side of the 5 lol. I love the way you did the font though. It looks like blood. Very cool. smile.gif
Much agreement here smile.gif I really like the color scheme. While the fuzzy background does make the font a little harder to read, I'm afraid if she were to sharpen it, it would interefere too much with the heading at the top.....*shrug* Maybe that's just me.

When it comes to Photoshoppy stuff, the bf and I are making little pieces of whatsis all the time there...I'll have to remember to post some of it on here from time to time.
....until then I'm sharing my most favoritest ever self-created computer desktop.
(The original image is 1150x850 and looks awesome when stretched to cover a 1280x1024 resolution......happy.gif)

The fish desktop looks awesome. I love the colors.
This was going to be an avatar, but I ended up not using it because you can't tell what it is when it's really small.

Patient #212
That's awesome, Tomoyo... I remember you mentioned something about a fairy avatar, but I'd sort of forgotten about it. Very cool... did you just draw it off the top of your head?
did you just draw it off the top of your head?

Yeah, pretty much. I used to draw fairies all the time in grade school. I'd sort of forgotten about it, but I found my old sketches recently and thought, "wow... those are REALLY bad." So I attempted something better.
Erm, i suck at photoshop art, all my images are really bad, but a freind of mine is fantastic at it.


This is her devart page. A lot of the images are photoshop.
She's a genius
I love the fairy that is awesome. Did you draw that with your mouse or do you have a digital pen?
I drew the fairy with a pencil, on paper. Then I scanned it into photoshop and messed around with the contrast and colors on that. No, I am not that talented with a mouse.
i really love the fishes and the faerie its gorgeous *drools over it for half an hour*
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