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Full Version: Judging My Poetry Contest
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ok so im hosting a contest on allpoetry (which is where all my poetry is posted) and its hard as a mofo... so i was hoping that you wonderful readers of the great mata, would read the entrys submitted to my contest.. and tell me your 3 favorites... one gold, one silver, and one bronze... ill be taking your opinions along with mine, and a few other peoples into consideration when i judge. so.. please help!

Tear my heart out (my contest)
wow I didn't know you were on all poetry too! and that's wayyyy too many entries

sry krysie hun but you're on your own
Dreams On Hiatus
Hey who are you on AP? I'm SweetSurrender. I'll have to check it out when I get home, though, because it's blocked here at school. I'll help ya out if I can. smile.gif
Dreams On Hiatus
Oh my god that's your contest!? I was going to enter it! But then I realized what I was writing didn't fit the categories so I didn't...
omg thats soo cool... thankx happy.gif im Poetik Tragedy happy.gif yay i have another friend on AP! happy.gif ok anyways, yea i judged it. It was awsome. ANyways, ill check out your poetry sum time
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