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Okay, I just invented a crazy game and I want to test it out. This is my first new topic except for my noob post so hopefully it wont flop. Here are the rules:

Turns are picked randomly, so whoever posts goes. On your turn you state a word and a made up rule which allows you to pick that word. The word you state has to comply with the rule you just stated and all the rules made up before hand. This can get as crazy as you want, but try to avoid delving too deeply into the world of rocket science or anything.

The winner is the last one with a headache biggrin.gif

My turn first cos its my game:

Word: Moose

Rule: Creatures with antlers are outlawed from the game unless they rhyme with goose and the turn is taken on a Sunday before 7am

Have fun and if it gets complicated we can make it so only the last 10 rules apply or something.
word Poltergeist

rule 5-letter words must be followed by a one word film title with three syllables
Word: otamot

Rule: Mythical creatures cause the game to enter reverse mode whereby all words must be written backwards and begin with the last letter of the previous word. This lasts for 2 turns

Rule:can ONLY be used before the word heartache and only available on the 7th tuesday of a leap year in the month of may.All words after must be written in piglatin.This goes for all players all turns

Any other references to body parts must be made in size 14 font

Rule: All body parts must be below neck height
(The reverse rule has worn off by now...only lasts 2 turns)

Word: Edam

Rule: Three letter words must be followed by a type of cheese
Word: Comma

Rule: All punctuation must be written in red.
{Gothic Angel}
Dracula (one word film title of 3 syllables tongue.gif)

All menaces to humanity must be written in size 1/4 to make them easier to squish.
Word: Basilisk

Rule: Mythical creatures are not allowed if they begin or end with a vowel
{Gothic Angel}
Word: ooregnak

beverages must now be written in yellow
{Gothic Angel}
Word: ooregnak

beverages must now be written in yellow
Word: edanomeL

Rule: Erm, fizzy beverages only to be used between seven and half seven in the evening on tuesdays

Edit: English time
{Gothic Angel}
(It says you posted that at 6:20?)

Word: ShAmPoO

Rule: Health and beauty products (ask yourself if you can buy it at Boots) must be written in that format.
Word: Bush

Rule: People must be referred to by their last name only
Word: Tolkien

Rule: Only Oxford Professors of Linguistics may be named, not Cambridge Professors of Linguistics.
Word: yae-sispil

Rule: If the thread dies for a week or more, the first post after that time must be written in pig-latin, then reversed

Yay for moop based craziness!
{Gothic Angel}
Word:Phodopus Sungorus (Russian Dwarf Hamsters)

Rule:All creatures smaller than 5 inches long must have their Latin name included. And be written in pink. Cos its purdy biggrin.gif

Edit: lol Bush is a menace to humanity happy.gif
Word: Doppelganger

Rule: All creatures with shape shifting abilities must be written in white to reflect their ability to hide
Word: ombrello
Rule: All wet weather gear must be posted in Italian
Word: aeT

Rule: You are now only allowed to put beverages that you are curently drinking

Did ^ forget the mythical creature rule?
Word: Red Leicester

(Bearing in mind 3 letter words must be followed by a type of cheese)

Rule: Red/Orange cheeses must be written in their specific colour
Word: Roquefort

Rule: Red/orange cheeses must be followed by a green/blue/purple cheese which must be written in white to make people read what it is. Also, to add to the moop based craziness, the next word written must begin with the second letter of the blue/green/purple cheese word that is written in white.
(Are Doppelgangers mythical creatures? I thought they just referred to any sort of ghostly double (not necessarily an actual creature). Oh well, I'll take your word for it)

Word: ya-rettO
Rule: If someone forgets to apply a rule, the rules they missed must be applied to their next post (along with all the other rules that should apply to that post). If there are two different letters their word should start with, it has to begin with one and end with the other.
Word: Alien

Rule: Only violent extra-terrestrials allowed

And yeah, doppelganger could mean what you thought, but it is a fantasy creature as well. So I apologise for being picky.

Btw, you got your pig latin wrong laugh.gif
{Gothic Angel}

Rule:Parasites must be written in impact font. Because I say so, thats why. Also, evil alien races of Sci-fi series must be the main evil race/character in the series.
Word: Star

Rule: When sci-fi creatures are used (from now on), the next word must be the first syllable of the show they are from
{Gothic Angel}
<cant remember rules anymore... sooo many rules... blink.gif>
<uses last 10 rules>

Word: Neige

Rule: All precipitation must be written in french.
Word: y a T - k c i

Rule: Bloodsuckers must be red, and also spread out, because they deserve to be squished
Word: llama

Rule: Only animals containing a double letter may be posted.

Edit: there's actually a game like thihs, where you make up rules for your turn, and the person who can't make up a rule wins
The Tortured Soul
word: wonderful

rule: an animal should be followed by a complement written in bold and size 14!!!
<I think {Gothic Angel} is right - only the last 10 rules will apply, its convenient cos the forum automatically shows the last 10 when you post>

Word: Lottery

Rule: Anything containing the 3 letters 'won' in sequence should be followed by something that you can win. It should also be written in a multicoloured font and the font size should indicate the magnitude of the winnings.
The Tortured Soul

rule: animals should now be written in blue

RULE: All Italian cars stated from posters with names that have something to do with Dr. Muto must have a company name that starts with L.
The Tortured Soul
[out of game] you broke my rule!!! u hafta say a complement written in bold and size 14 after an animal!!! [/out of game]
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