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Full Version: Happy Towel Day
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Well it's towel day as we all know 'cause Commie added it to the calendar! Today my cute little penguin with ice skates hand towel is coming with me to school. How about you guys?
You're so hoopy for remembering that, Gothic. I'll bet you know where your towel is.
I had my towel with me, but in my bag cos I had an exam earlier...

(the exam went okay which was good biggrin.gif )
Usurper MrTeapot
I brought my towel down with me to the shops, had to pick up something from the red cross shop and they thought I was selling it. Selling such a useful thing as a towel? Never! Didn't see anyone else with one though sad.gif
Argh, I forgot that was today... I was going to carry a towel around with me all day and wave it around to scare people at school. Oh well. Happy Towel Day everyone!
Aw man! I didn't bring a towel today to school and we're going to have a pic nic so I could've used it to lay on!!

But I did use a nice warm fluffy towel to dry myself off after my shower this morning. laugh.gif

yay for towels fluffy soft goodness. *thinks about towels and drifts off to sleep*

I didn't remember until I was at school, but I'm wearing one around my shoulders as I type this.
Usurper MrTeapot
QUOTE (CommieBastard @ May 25 2004, 05:28 PM)
I didn't remember until I was at school, but I'm wearing one around my shoulders as I type this.

Bu...bu...but you put the notice the calender. How could you forget such an important event such as this? I mean its right up there with Christmas, Halloween, my birthday, everyone should have remembered. Tut tut. *shakes head in disapointment*
Well i took mine into my exams. I was shocked to find no one else seemed to though. What would they do if Vogons destroyed the Earth? Some people are wierd...
Dreams On Hiatus
I forgot. sad.gif

*runs to the laundry room and puts a random towel on her head*

There. cool.gif
over the weekend i found a red and white striped towel, not unlike the one on the old hhgttg cover. i proudly wore it to class, but saw no one else with a towel. sad.gif my mom said that she brought one to work though!

BUMP. Happy towel day everybody! Mata put it on his facebook status so I remembered. And we can have a moment of nostalgia for 2004! Hurray.
Happy Towel day to all the hoopy froods that remembered. biggrin.gif My Scooby Doo towel came to school with me. Unfortunately, I have one of the two people celebrating. Kind of shocking in a school notorious for being pretty geeky. I was dry, warm, and presumably carrying around a toothbrush.

Happy hitchhikings.
I ended up carrying a towel around with me for most of the day because I went to the pond and then to a swimming pool and then various other places! biggrin.gif
It's good to know where your towel is, even if it is a small one smile.gif
Argh, I don't that was today... tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif

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Towel day is May 25th earthling. So you didn't so much miss it today as try to be very, very early for the next one.
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