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it has been decided by me and Cath that more people need to come into irc. we tried advertising and that didnt work, we did the sentiment, and you seemed to blow that away, so we thought that you guys might like a bit of a raffle.

we shall be raffling off different things in irc, but the only way you win, if if you are there.

so come play in irc today!!

first item up for winning is everybody's favorite naughty/bad girl knickers. thats right today, you could win Lolo's infamous black panties. so jump into irc now, before they are gone. laugh.gif laugh.gif

if there is anything you would like to donate to this cause, let us know! tongue.gif or we'll just steal it from you.
also in case anyone doesn't know, you an download mIRC from their website mIRC connect to and then join the #burrito channel.

If that's too much trouble just follow this link and click on the burrito room name. A java based window will pop up and it will connect you to the same room. It's a bit more basic than your standard mIRC, but it works if you don't want to or can't download mIRC.
Thank you to all who entered our first raffle, there was a plethora of entries and our assistants were simply swamped! The response was overwhelming! Unfortunately we can only have one winner, and the lucky posesser of LoLo's black panties is none other than the lovely WeeJ. WeeJ will soon be recieving her prize by singing monkey courier along with a years subscription to "Burrito" monthly (a different burrito in the mail every month) some lovely coupons from our sponsers and a complimentary keychain worth over 29.95 in the store, for WeeJ only the cost of shipping and handling!

That'll be $39.95 WeeJ

Now, next up for the raffle, we have a smashing prize package sure to bring out the occult in everyone, from an anonymous donor: This pint of virgin blood!
Yes, that's right, this pint of virgin blood can be yours, but only if you come to IRC and enter your name in the draw. Supplies limited
Now these panties that WeeJ won and were probably stolen because I don't remember donating them (of course I may have) are they pre-worn or freshly washed? laugh.gif

Hi ho hi ho it's back to work I go.
argh! I'll have my computer back in a week and a half!

I miss IRC! I needs you peoples to keep me sane!
Cath Sparrow
Dont worry will give you regular updates so people can see how much fun we have! biggrin.gif
Yay! I won the virgin blood!

Now up for auction is this fabulous portrait I painted of Chan. Naked. I won't post a picture here, cause there may be delicate eyes around tongue.gif

(Seriously...GET IN IRC, PEOPLE! I'm finally finished with schoolwork, and the place is empty!)
Cath Sparrow
Come one come all to the IRC extraviganza! (sp?) There's excitement and funerals! biggrin.gif
and today, everyone who enters gets a copy of the "Cand-Cath Gone Bad:Boobie Bouncing Fun" video!! come on in folks and win a prize, and get a gift that keeps giving wink.gif
Cath Sparrow

Today could of got a stuff Pab except we changed our minds cause the whole taxidermi proccess was just to gross! biggrin.gif
You could have just put in your message "Everyone groped snoo. And then groped some more." It would fit with the title biggrin.gif
Cath Sparrow
Snoo's not in yet so it'd be wrong! biggrin.gif
We've decided to toast him instead
/me raises glass ...

Yay! ... Here's to me!


For a limited time only, the next person who comes onto IRC shall get thwpped with a large trout ...
AND THE WINNER IS ...........


.. who is now happily being restored in hospital .... the fish-scales come off with detergents
Cath Sparrow
Come play ball games with Greeneyes Head!!! biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Cath @ Jun 20 2004, 07:51 PM)
Come play ball games with Greeneyes Head!!! biggrin.gif

Get yer own head...

Whatever happened to hosing people down?
Sunday Night on IRC, European time ...


What you do is you come in and then you don't speak. At all. Just silence. After a bit you get all these names up there just looking at eachother. It's like one of those egyptian alleys lined by god statues, where you _know_ one of them every now and then goes "hmph .. look at that stupid tourist" and all the others go "yeah" and then they all fall silent for another 200 years.

It's a blast ...

Today, on IRC, in #burrito, on the otherside network, connecting via on good ol' port 6667, we are doing long vowel sounds.

That's looooooooooooooooooooooooong vowel sounds

Basically, the idea is take make a complete meal out of saying somebodys nick.

Try it.



you won't believe the satisfaction this stuff brings ...

wow! I've been mentioned in here twice and never noticed...d'oh!

Everyone shift their backsides on in there now!

It's good old fashion (un)clean fun!
Cath Sparrow
It's so much fun Look!





Nothing will ever beat the fun of long vowel sounds.



c'mon now people, how can you resist our charms?

even the difficult nicks get chanted
I'm the only one in there right now...and how is it possible that there is no ChanServ at the moment, so now I have the @ in front of my name for some reason? Me funcosed... wacko.gif
ok it's gone all weird today, try closing mIRC and reloading might work.

It went really weird earlier and a few of us were in the same position as you, give it a go!
Yay it worked! I'm not alone anymore!
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Look - I'm trying to get on there but it is not playing AT ALL.

Can someone give me EXACT instructions, so that I know I'm doing it right...

(feel really dumb and helpless now)
Yeah, they're rehubbing the split on router proxy cable detachment.
I mean they're re-prodding the route of hubbing splitters.
Or was it the hub split down route 6667?

Either way it's the network itslef that is being tempreamental for a small while, and it'll suddenly get better. For now however, it sucks dog thingies ...

I'll test it every 9 seconds until I get in or suddenly develop a liking for trance music ...
Snugglebum the Destroyer
So it's not me?

Either way - could you PM me instructions anyway please Pab?

I wanna see the marching band!!!

*stamps foot*


Tense, nervous headache?

Yeah, us too ...

So for those days you just cant seem to get in, try these alternative servers:

Any one of them could be non-existent, but one must work eventually!
And remember, if at first you don't succeed, throw a tantrum and post huge amounts of abuse in this thread. Somebody will notice, and join in the abuse! ...
Today in IRC we're auctioning off...a..erm...Hug!

That's right! One of Irish's "To-Die-For" hugs! The first three people in get a spectacular "To-Die-For" hug! So come join today!

The IRC thing is proving difficult to set up for rank beginners, so once more here's a DUFFERS GUIDE that is ammended as we encounter new problems ... Follow the instructions, and pm me if it starts getting wierd on you ...
Last night on IRC:

Wehey! we got a visit from the fuzz-rah and mata-boy-from-winchy himself!
Much rubbish was said by all, and bunnies are universally cute and so should not be trusted ....
Today: Dildo wars.

Yes. You read it right.

I've been in there all day and I have seen no such thing!! sad.gif
QUOTE (MoonlightSavingsTime @ Jun 22 2004, 08:39 PM)
I'm the only one in there right now...and how is it possible that there is no ChanServ at the moment, so now I have the @ in front of my name for some reason? Me funcosed... wacko.gif

Thats happening to me too sad.gif I only downloaded mIRC today and I havn't managed to get it to work properly yet. I tried closing mIRC and opening it again, and restarting my computor, but I'm still all alone and have an @ infront of my name.

Okay it's fine now. I just changed "/join #burrito" to just "#burrito" and it worked, all is good!
QUOTE (deranged_ferret @ Jun 27 2004, 10:20 PM)
Thats happening to me too sad.gif I only downloaded mIRC today and I havn't managed to get it to work properly yet. I tried closing mIRC and opening it again, and restarting my computor, but I'm still all alone and have an @ infront of my name.

That's happened to me once. Except I was actually in the room, when it basically split in two. ChanServ and some others disappeared from my view, and I disappeared from theirs, with snoo and moop.
If you see chanserv, your on the right track ... if not, change server name and try again ... It wont be messy for long ...


All IRC whores desks look pretty much alike ... they all have cds strewn around, miscellaneous bits of paper and token books, dodgy cables and wrappers ... some have sheep, some have penguins, ALL have an empty can of coke, and NONE of them are clean enough to eat your dinner off them ...

messy people ....
I have no cans of coke on my desk so tongue.gif ner!

Although I'm guilty of everything else...but not the penguin, just the sheep! ph34r.gif

I have a penguin (out of shot) but its being killed by a daemon... does it still count?

Note the random piles of assorted junk, numerous unidentified cables and bondage penguin. Damn it DarkInferno, I'm jealous of your daemon now, where did you get it from?
erm i swiped it from a website and printed it out...Linsux

(I'm a bit of a unix fan and the daemon is the logo for fBSD, I think linux should be shot however, and Tux the penguin is the logo for that. Hence why I like that pic)
Ah, I figured it was one of the BSD Daemon plushies that they dont seem to make anymore.

*is also a FreeBSD fan*

Today: Clothes Peg porn blink.gif
Tonight: Tigerlily gets kicked. And kicked. And kicked. And kicked. And kicked.

Also, Beatles sing-along featuring me, Cand, Spoon, and another grand case of Oni being himself.
QUOTE (gothictheysay @ Jun 28 2004, 08:43 PM)
Also, Beatles sing-along featuring me, Cand, Spoon, and another grand case of Oni being himself.

Tsk! I didn't sing along. At all! tongue.gif

(I really didn't)
Today on IRC:

Bats ... On loan, as gifts and right in the middle of the forehead ...
This evening on IRC: Naked Jelly
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