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Full Version: Kinda Small
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Dreams On Hiatus

if it is too small for you to read the phrase on it, it says 'break the spell.'

What do you think?

I made it from an lj icon from Wicked Alchemy.
That's really funky, but yes the text is too small to read.

I'm just starting to learn some 3D stuff myself, so I might be putting a few things I make up on here at some point. I'm using Swift 3D, what do you use?
Sir Maxerpopple

Spin my pretty spin.
Ever play around with Swish? For doing flash/swf, it's kinda cool to play with.
I suspect Swift may be a descendant of Swish, or Swish may be the lightweight version of Swift. Swift is definitely the more powerful of the two. I've only had a quick look at it because it couldn't do what I wanted.
What does Swift have that's better? I'll look into it if it's worthwhile.
Dreams On Hiatus
I'll have to check the name again. I don't have it here on my laptop - it's on my desktop at home. It's kind of a cheap program and I can only do so much, but then again I am just using the demo version.
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