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Full Version: Which Game Do You Like The Best?
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Raptor Red
I like the Wishing game the best. But the game I created, Trivia game, I'm sure people will enjoy playing that if anyone ever posts anything in it.
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Word association - because it involves no brain power on my part. *shrug*
Sir Maxerpopple
Every time I played the wishing game I got kind of sad when I heard the consequence. sad.gif

I know, wimp. rolleyes.gif

I find the other games all equally fine.
{Gothic Angel}
I like most of 'em (tho im like Sir Max- I cant put anything serious on the wishing game in case someone makes it happen badly lol.) I like the trivia and riddle games best though. They're fun biggrin.gif
I like the wishing game! And just like Sir Max.. I kinda got dissappointed, too. ;.; My pony died. sad.gif
Aislinn Faye
I've found that I only really play five games.... the wishing game, ^<V, word, questions only, and err.. the funfunfunfun one.
I find ^>v my favorite. I don't know why...just coz

because I made it! muahahahahaha!

-- Gothymothy girl

I must take credit.

Get out of my post! Screw you...

just coz I like hearing what sort of odd questions people want to ask other people/

No, its because I made it and you know it.

^.^ just kdding. I like it too.

Are you done invading my post now?!?! *makes exasperated noises*


FU! (she does this to annoy me, you know. I'm not deleting it because it would only satisfy her.)
\ask other people about pointless things.

Goddamn you gothymothy!

Dreams On Hiatus
My Wishing Game is popular...whee!! A thread that I made that people actually reply in! I feel acomplished. biggrin.gif

I like Word Asociation and the Wishing Game best.
the Questions Only game is my fav'.
the Questions Only game is my fav'.

*Echos DOH's statement about the Wishing Game*

My game has power... evil.gif
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
It's kind of hard to choose. I like them all! But I guess I'd pick Yet Another Random Game. It was the first one I played, and one of the easiest to comprehend. Coming in second are The Wishing Game and ^<v.
Gothymothy girl
I like to invade eternallybored's posts just as I invaded Dolty's and Kyo's and Ronin's before her. . .
*makes a badly practiced evil laugh*
muahahahah- *chokes*
*spits out a telephone*

Yeah. . . i like the Wishing game and ^>v the best. They're fun. ^.^ Word assosiattion is cool too, come to think of it.
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