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Sorry TigerLily013, I wasn't directing that specifically at you! smile.gif

We're not handicapped. We're handicappable!


I knew this chick in high school who had problems walking and moving after a severe car accident. She was awesome and a tough chick. I'm proud of her. happy.gif
QUOTE (Mazling @ Jun 5 2004, 08:03 PM)
I think that being injured at the gym, to a point of not really being able to move is considered handi-capped.....

Admittedly I shouldn't bother, but I think you'll find that getting injured in a gym accident is technically known as 'being injured'. When you have a drivers license, the medical team are likely to say "No, you can't drive", often enough because it would make your injury worse, stop it from getting better, or make you a danger to yourself and those around you.

Either way it is unlikely to be considered 'handicapped' or 'physically impaired' or whatever the terms are at the moment. Then again, at the age of 14 the point is moot
Right then Mazling. Let's go over this. Handicapped spots are there for a reason. If you're not quite sure of the reason I'll spell it out for you. Some people have problems moving around. They can't walk or travel far distances without the aid of something, so by having parking spots that are larger and nearer to doors these people are afforded a bit of convenience and they can have more independence. Just because you've seen a few parking spots near to doors that aren't occupied which would let you save a couple of extra seconds of walking with your perfectly functional feet and legs does not give you the right or even a very plausible excuse to take them. Enjoy your bloody legs. Leave the spots near the door to the people who need them. By the way, getting a sprained ankle in gym class is not the same as having a spinal cord injury. Learn the difference. Grow from your knowledge. Use this knowledge.

As stated before, you don't even drive, so the point is moot.
Snugglebum the Destroyer
*gawps at Jaq*

Wow - you're great, you are... biggrin.gif
I'm still gonna go try and get one..... and there's pretty much nothing you can say that's gonna stop me..... Sorry.
Good luck, seeing as you don't have a license.

Seeing as we all believe your decision unethical, no-one seems to have any suggestions on how to help you break the law. And if I'm not mistaken that was the original point of this thread, so I'm just going to close this before the flames start.

Please don't troll here anymore.
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