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Full Version: White Flag
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mmm poem I wrote, 'bout a relationship that wasn't a relationship at all.
(First thread I've ever started too biggrin.gif ) Excuse the lack of capitals and punctuation, if you will. I just get kinda caught up and don't feel like adding them later... dry.gif

And here on this neutral ground
we dance this subtle dance
so filled with ambiguities
this cease-fire seems so fragile
with every word an uncertainty
teetering between blanks and bullets
and here on this no man's land
we dance this subtle dance
of questions without answers
and statements with double meanings

and in the end
will anyone win
will hearts become bloody casualties
or will we merely make mutual retreats
and omit this from the histories
Don't be afraid of punctuation, it makes all the difference in poems. Remember, there aren't any rules about punctuation in poems either, do whatever you need to get your point across
Fallen Element
hey, i really liked this poem! twas good! and as for punctuation...there is a rule my english teacher taught me...cos i handed in poetry for my folio...use it well, or not at all! i wrote a poem that had a few bits of punctuation in it...but the way the poem was written punctuation wasn't a y' what you want to do, cause its your work, your expression! and i applaud you!

Fal xXx
Oooh! Me-likey! (Really, I should check the creations board more often dry.gif) Yeah it's cool happy.gif *claps*
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