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I'm going to write a poem right now off the top of my head. It probably won't be good but this is the fun of it. Feel free to join in it can be like a game. lol.

Penny penny you shine brightly.
I think of how many of you I don't have.
My pocket doesn't jingle since there's only you.
I drop you on the ground so perhaps,
One day,
You can grace someone else.

Yup that sucked.
QUOTE (LoLo @ Jun 6 2004, 10:15 PM)
Yup that sucked.

Well I liked it.
I thought it was pretty cool too.
There's a metaphor in there somewhere... laugh.gif

Nice work, Lo. Keep 'em coming!
Well I was hoping more people would join in and just write a short poem spur of moment off the top of their head type thing. I think it's fun and a good excercise.
more people would join in

biggrin.gif gladly

Notebook waiting
From the shadows an entrail
Forever waiting
Tears at gates
Glancing away
I'm so ambivalent it's hard to say.
How crappy.
^^thanks for joining in.

Cough Cough Cough.
My snot filled tissue stares at me from my desk.
Should I call in sick?
No I can't.
Snap snap, snap snap.

Yeah I've done better, but that's the joy of this excercise. biggrin.gif
Argh! Exam tomorrow,
Logic is devoid of itself,
Again I scream,
no, louder - nobody heard!

30 second job and im never gonna make a poet anyways.

*prepares flame retardant hut* ph34r.gif
That's why I love you, moop. tongue.gif

my sister thinks she's beautiful
how can she be beautiful
without looking at her true self?
she's not beautiful in my eyes
not within or without
can't say I hate
but it's hard to say I love

Okay, two! here's double the fun!

timelock on my brain
i'll really go insane
scratching, clawing,
help me.
this is my hell.
all that can be changed
is it ever coming
should I just give up
what's the point
something tiny changes the world.

that's my new trademark - ending with a swear. I'll just have to make sure it's properly censored (is that one okay?)
Walls of multicolored plastic.
Little words gleam out from each slice.
Pull one down and pop it in your machine,
A movie gleams on the TV.
Oh joy for a materialistic world,
Where a wall of colored plastic impresses.
Oh joy for a world,
Where TV replaces imagination.
*tear* That was beautiful, Lo. You need to keep track of some of this stuff you write!! It really is good!

put your feet uphear your stereo
what's life for a world full of...what?
cant think straight I'm never thinking straight
im not blind, i've got eyes that can see
but i dont wanna get up and fight the world today
when i fall asleep tuck me so i dont roll out
ill look forward to waking up sometime
Butterflies keep flapping.
My stomach keeps turning.
I'm just meeting a friend.
It's going to be fun.
I'm just meeting a friend.
Ode to technology

I hate this mouse
The whole thing's white
The ball keeps sticking
And the buttons, broken
QUOTE (Greeneyes @ Jun 18 2004, 12:06 PM)
Ode to technology

I hate this mouse
The whole thing's white
The ball keeps sticking
And the buttons, broken

Hehehehehe, that one just made me giggle, the way you ended it uncertainly. Cute. biggrin.gif
Ooooh! *has to join in*

Disjointed thoughts,
Clouding my mind,
Lack of sleep,
My brain come untwined
Really, I know:
I should go to bed
But I just can't,
With posts left un-read.

Truthfully though, it's amost four, I should be sleeping *still can't bring herself to move* *sigh*
Thrown to my knees
broken and used
the systematic of the abused
I am lucid
your smell putrid
covering my lips
grinding against my hips
the weight of you
though itís long overdue
is not welcome
or refused
someone is going to get hurt
you muse
while your lips trace the curve
of my tattoo
cold plaster under hand
hot skin in the holy land
salty tears
and forgotten years
paint mingled with sweat
the tear of fish net
destruction and creation fuse
as your presence begins to bruise

*I swear I wrote that when I go to work this morning*
Haha.... must join.

Subtle insanity
Rips through mind
Searing the anger
And lethargy

Bouncing around
A padded room
A tight white jacket
Holding me tight

A nice steel door
tiny little window
People peering in
I'm a specimen

Uhh, ^^;;
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