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Full Version: I Made A Picture
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Hi, I'm MiniPab. This is my first post. I'm a n00b on here. I'm 4 and a half years old. Pab is my daddy. He doesn't want me to make a thread in intros, cos he says I can't read and I can't write that good ... Also he says I'm not a 'Mature reader" so he won't let me read anything on here mad.gif

But I like making pictures of castles. Daddy said he sent this one to the Tate Gallery. I hope they are nice, and like castles ... huh.gif

Dreams On Hiatus
That's very interesting. I wonder what made the clouds brown...

I think your castle is slightly crooked, hun. Maybe you should use a ruler? Or something. smile.gif
awwwwwwwwww for a 4 year old.. that is stellar work... sooner or later you are going to be mixing it up with some serious artist! I bet big Pab is pretty proud of you biggrin.gif
That is great work for a four year old. Perhaps you'll be the worlds next Salvidor Dali.
Awwww, how cuuuute! happy.gif The brown clouds shows a little too much predeterminism for one so ickle, which makes me concerned for your innocence. Tell your daddy to stick to tales of fluffy bunnies and lost teddies, and leave the environmentalist stuffs to us grown-ups!

My son (6) and eldest daughter (10) are into drawing castles too. I love the stick figures they draw firing arrows and such! biggrin.gif
Awww, that is pretty. I draw windows that way too. smile.gif
Ooooh! That's way better than anything I drew when I was 4 and a half. I didn't get that good till I was at least 7! happy.gif

Very nice work! Who is the guy next to the castle?
That's better than most of my art blink.gif very good I say.
* melts into a puddle of warm goo *

well ... it impressed me ... and the person on the left is her, and she says the doors and windows are wonky because they're made of plastic, so they're 'broken', which is a 4 year-old word that means 'not in perfect condition' ...

she's my baby ... wub.gif
good for you pab smile.gif
little ones get you sometimes... looks like one has you... wink.gif
Bless wub.gif
Awww, you've got your daddy wrapped around your little finger

Very nice... a little girl I babysat was 5 and she drew picures "in all your favourite colours" (which is a 5 year olds way of saying "in all my favourite colours") which consisted of colourful swirls of crayon. While hers was enthusiastic this is much less abstract with just a hint of impressionism and I like the way you were able to break the norms and mores of society's expectations of what art should be and experiment with colour, scale and your perception of reality.

Either that or: oh my goodness! That's so cute! Look at the ickle castle! You're like a mini Van Gogh with an extra ear!
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