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Full Version: *shrugs* Ah, I'll Share A Poem.
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...meh. Last time I posted a poem there were no posts and it died. So I didn't know about sharing another one. And I'm not so good, I'll admit to that already.

I wrote this one when I was, err...13. And I learn vocabulary by writing it into my poetry. Someone thought it was nice on my poetry site...and reading back over it, I was frightened when a couple of words puzzled me blink.gif I'm always in the "constant-edit" mood, but I don't know what to change with this one anyway.

Cloaked in Moonlight

A marvelous introduction and morbid in taste
Teases the slinking breeze in its waste
A phantom of smoke is carried, corrupt
One symbol no wind dare interrupt.

A misgiving wood knows nothing of its flooding brook
A truculent passerby denies a second look
No one sees the drowning conspiracies
Nor the evincing phantasmagoria that shifts me.

Not a single vestige would herald the relics I once knew
Aspersions envelope me now, on their hostile cue
Their erroneous ways intertwined into courtyards of necromantic serendipity
Without a doubt, this malicious shout empties into forests awry.
I unno, I thought it was okay, for being 13 and all. Plus, you used the word phantasmagoria, you rock my world.
You did really well with the rhyming (something tells me I didn't spell that right, oh well), and of creating your tone.
thank you, thank you. *looks at poem quizzically* hmm...

and you're my age, right? and you know what phantasmagoria means too?! *girlish squeal* likeohmygod! tongue.gif
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
I love that poem. The rhymes are really good.
*hoiks out a dictionary*

It's so snazzy! Ummm... yes. I like it. I also feel like I'm making no sense (I should probably go to bed or something). You have a much wider vocabulary than me. Grrr. I love using long, cool sounding words with snazzy meanings that no one else understands, but people arn't supposed to do that to me!
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