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Gothymothy girl
well heres it is.

^answers the question above
> says somethin about urself
v asks a question

Ill begin.

^There was no question.
>Hopes people like the game
v are there explosive rubber pants in your blood system?
^ there is, in fact, a distinct lack of explosive rubber underwear in my circulatory system

> is quite disturbed that ^ thought there might be. Also is happy for new game.

V How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
Forever Unknown
^ But a woodchuck can't chuck wood, so therefore, none.
> Wants a pet woodchuck
v What's the going rate on imported woodchucks nowadays?
^ 20p per chuck per metre

> is thinking wood chucks are pretty pointless if they cant chuck wood. Will change subject

V How much oil could an oil boil boil if an oil boil could boil oil?
{Gothic Angel}
^But wouldn't the purpose of an oil boil be to boil oil?

>Thinks she is correct and therefore ^ could look it up, saving time and energy for >

vWhy does my sister's cat attack me when I tickle his tummy for more than 5 minutes?
^ cats get bored of it and start fighting

> thinks that's rather lazy of ^

V why did the butterfly flutter by?
Raptor Red
^because thats what butterflies do.
>has been listening to American Pie nonstop for alomost a day now. It is giving me a headache
vI have American Pie and Don't Fear the Reaper, What other songs can I download?
^ Puritania, by Dimmu Borgir. Great song

> Thinks that song is fantastic. At least he would if he used words like 'fantastic'

V Why do people get tired?
Aislinn Faye
^ So we can go to sleep and have aliens abduct us.

>Thought she saw an alien when she was little, but it was just a blimp. laugh.gif

V Have you ever had any alien experiences?
^Never, but I wish dry.gif
>I got my first manicure yesterday. God Bless everyone... and my pretty pink nails laugh.gif
V Why do men have nipples? They don't need them after all.
Aislinn Faye
^ I dunno why, but I know they're an erogenous (sp) zone biggrin.gif Maybe that's why!

< Ohh.. I wanna see my boyfriend now.

V What's your favourite kinda cake?
^ Christmas cake. Damn thats a lot of icing.

> Likes icing. Also marzipan.

V Do you like marzipan?
Gothymothy girl
^No, not really.
> is listening to HIM
v Do you know what HIM stands for?
^ Of course. I just cant be bothered to type it here. ph34r.gif

> Likes their music

V Do you know what HIM stands for?
^I don't even know what HIM is
<Knows that Bam wears the stuff though and he's o-so-sexy
V Do you think Bam is sexy?
Gothymothy girl
^ sort of. Brandon from Incubus is sexier though. ^^
> knows that HIM stands for His Infernal Majesty. W00t!
v Do you like Incubus's new album?
^ I haven't heard any songs from incubus' new album

> Is not sure whether he likes incubus or not

V Do you like Lacuna Coil's new album?
Gothymothy girl
^ Yes, I love it. LOVE IT!!!!
> wants to know when her dad leaves so she can have peace
v do you like it if your parents leave?
^ Yes. I like having house to myself.

> Is isolationist

V Did you know that hair is really flammable?
Gothymothy girl
^ yes. Everything is flammable. . .
> is a pyro
v why don't they start making flying cars?
^ they have. They're called planes, dear.

> Thinks he remembers seeing someone who had made a light aircraft with retractable wings, so it could be used as a car

V Why do worms have no eyes?
Gothymothy girl
^ They don't need them. They live under ground and on dirt, for petes sake!
> doesn't know things
v do you read the current events?
^ No. Maybe.

> Isn't sure what you mean by current events

V What do you mean by current events?
Gothymothy girl
^Events that remain current until more current things remain.
> is crazy.
v are you crazy?
^ quite possible. The issue is debateable

> is quite possible crazy

V So, you like this game then?
Gothymothy girl
^Of course! I made it.
> Actually, I stole it.
v will the people at the other forum would be mad if they find out?
^ probably not

> I put a game up that i stole of someone. Who stole it off somewhere else

v So, um, can you express the square root of 16 in binary?
Gothymothy girl
^No. NO, I cannot. . .
> likes nectarines
vdo you like nectarines?
^ i like them, but i dont eat them that much.

> Is running out of things to say.

v What do you think i should say?
Gothymothy girl
^look around at things and say stuff about them . . .
>Is on two forums at the moment
v Have you ever been to


cuz me name on there is Wickie. You should go. . . .
^ My first visit was clicking the link, but this was the first (very uninviting) thing I read
I'm sick of people telling me to join other forums. Screw you. You want to talk to me you could just as easily come over here. But noooo, you'd rather bitch and moan about how the other forums is cooler. My names LaLa and I'm a loser, I stay here and if people want some thing you know where to find me.

< Can't physically say gothmothy with out messing up (and then said messing as 'mething' in her head)
V Do you sometimes have a lisp? I'm going to go work on saying gothmothy messed less.
^don't have a lisp.
>had trouble with l, s, th, and r's as a child but had speech therapy to correct it.
v do you find certain words are funny late at night? eg. "toast"
^Yeah. Once, I was up all night with my cousin or something, and we found this little Dipsy (Teletubbies, the one with a rod on top of his/her head) doll. My cousin turns it upside down and says "It's like a dipstick." I laughed for at least 5 minutes. I thought dipstick was the funniest word in the world. Though, when he told me it was a real word with a real meaning, it got less funny.

>Thinks she likes this game way too much

V On a scale of 1-10, how fun is this game to you, 10 being very fun, 1 being for the love of god, this is terrible?
Gothymothy girl
^ 10! otherwise I wouldn't have stolen it.
>That post about joining other forums was from the ex girlfriend of my brother. Shes moving soon and doesn't like it. She just came over to my house in hopes of killing my brother Clay but he wasn't there. So I ended up hanging out with her even though shes 6 years older than me. . . so yeah. LaLa is really pretty cool.
v did that make any sense?
^no that didn't make sense

>wasn't paying attention to the conversation for it to make any sense

v have you ever seen a goose kissing a moose down by the bay?
Gothymothy girl
^Ummm. . . no.
> is freaked out.
vhave you ever seen a moose eating a fish?
^nope i haven't..
>Has a forum you all need to join smile.gif
VWill you join my forum?
Gothymothy girl
^I just did. My names Wickie ^^ Thanks for letting me see the link.
>Has missed Mazle
v So hows your life been?
^life's been good and life's been rotten
>Mourns the upcoming loss of car and possible weak heart of beloved cat. Grins about winning a ticket to see cirque du soleil and the upcoming visit of an e-buddy.
v what's a good, affordable car to buy?
Gothymothy girl
^Volvo. Very dependable. Only, the Volxwagon kind. . . ya know, the ugly boxy ones. . . ^.^
>Wants 2 see Mazle!!! *cries*
v Am I tired?
^ are you tired? Is your head nodding and eyes closing without you wanting them to? If so, then yes, you are tired.
> is also tired. 5:30am was an evil, evil start to a day.
v anyone also get up at that evil an hour?
Gothymothy girl
4 me it's 10:51 at nite. . .

>likes my word "Qua"
v do you like the word qua?
it is very interesting... so yes
< Is bored
V can you play pool?
[hastily edited]

^ Nope, I'm possibly the worst pool player I know.

> Is very bored, so bored that I forgot to read the instructions. blink.gif

v Whats your favourite word?

^answers the question above
> says somethin about urself
v asks a question
Gothymothy girl

>likes fire!!!

v do YOU like fire??
Aislinn Faye
^ I like fire when I'm cold, or wanna have smores, or burn stuff... mostly when I wanna burn stuff..since it's...a fire.

< was reading the lisp part and laughed, tongue.gif -=has a little lisp=-

V Coke or Pepsi?
^Pepsi, but if anything DR.PEPPER rocks my socks. I mean, I loooove the stuff. It kills cotton mouth like Raid kills ants.
<Is sorta cold, but it's a beautiful day out!
V Is it a beautiful day where you are?
Aislinn Faye
^ Yeah, it's a pretty day, but it's hot.

< sad.gif I can't see my b/f until I move out.

V Are you currently seeing someone romantically?
^ I'm not going out with anyone if that's what you mean.

> Has been in this state all his life. Easy question.

V Do you like cheese?
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