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Full Version: Are You Self-concious?
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Someone told me today that a friend of theirs thought I was 16!! ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif

I mean, come on, do I really look 16 (I'm the one of the left BTW)? laugh.gif

Forever Unknown
Not until you can produce a cuter baby than mine.

Or until I get the permanent markers, dye and ugly stick to yours...

(I was going to say 'knives' but that's just sick...)

(We should really stop with the spam)
Pixie Goth
It's almost like having a split personality as I can swing from feeling fecking brilliant and thinking I'm the best thing since sliced bread to dropping down to I'm scum

I get that too... wink.gif
You could pass for 16 if you wanted, but I wouldn't say you absolutly look like you're sixteen.
the lil' pie fairy
QUOTE (Pixiegoth @ Jun 25 2004, 11:06 AM)
I know I don't need to but my thighs are a little fat! laugh.gif Also having a flatter stomach and not being so damned pale would be nice laugh.gif I know that that is just laziness and going to gym and tanning salon would sort that but I'm just lazy so I have to accept the fact! laugh.gif

argh! someone like me!!

*craves reassurance of not being a social freak*

my exercise plan starts today. the calorie watching will have to wait until tomorrow, as will drinking enough water each day. it's evening now, and besides, i have fudge to eat.

mmmm. fudge biggrin.gif
I used to be obsessively self-concious. To the point of having panic attacks whenever I had to go out in public. The truth is, no one is perfect, we all have our flaws and our good points and what some people consider to be a flaw, others find attractive. Not everyone is going to like you, for whatever reason, its a fact. If someone doesnt like you because of how you look, they arent worth knowing. So many people need to be kinder to themselves. Whats the worse that could come of it? If you accept yourself for who you are you will become more confident and happy and that attracts people more than looks.

Btw Sam... I think your hott wink.gif

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Yeah, I'm self concious. I always feel I'll say something really stupid which will make everyone think I'm a freak, I don't really talk much unless I know who I'm talking to reasonably well, or if the other person works really hard to keep the conversation going untill I settle down. It kinda sucks being this introverted, it makes it really hard to make new friends, and now most of my old friends and I are growing apart - I'm kinda buggered sad.gif. It's not so much about looks I don't think, I mean maybe it is subconciously (how could I know?), but I think I'm pretty ok with being fat and having bags under my eyes and I wouldn't really want to change any of my other features, so - meh. I think it's mainly people thinking I'm an idiot (I can talk here, you have as much time as you want to think about what you're going to say, and even if you you do make an utter twat of yourself, you can always chat under some other screen name and nobody'd know tongue.gif). Of course not going to school isn't helping me gain any social skills/friends but I hate going there, I always feel like such a loner and I think people must think I'm a freak with no friends if I wander around (or more accuratly - hide in the library) on my own at break/lunch time. dry.gif
QUOTE (deranged_ferret @ Jun 27 2004, 12:53 AM)
I always feel like such a loner and I think people must think I'm a freak with no friends if I wander around (or more accuratly - hide in the library) on my own at break/lunch time. dry.gif

I always felt that way in high school too. I never really had friends that I hung around, and I was always alone, so it made me self-conscious about what people might be thinking of me, and it made me feel like I was stuck in some sort of catch-22 -- people might notice me being alone all the time and might think that I actually preferred it that way, which would mean they'd be less likely to talk to me or try to befriend me, even though the real truth was just that I was too introverted to talk to anyone much.
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