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What do you reckon? Perhaps she needs a little tweaking, but I've been working on getting some 3D software involved in the animations so I needed to be able to render her properly.

Any comments are appreciated, especially on bits that don't quite look right, or even if you just reckon it looks spot on!
spot on...

if I had to pick a fault...perhaps the panals of the skirt are slightly too chunky... but its hard to tell with the little gif... but thats a minor, minor thing even then...
Is she meant to be blinking one eye at a time? ohmy.gif Is that normal? Do I look at your cartoons enough? Probably not! laugh.gif

Other than that, cool and can I have one for my other board persona??? wink.gif
The blinking thing is odd, in the animations she does actually blink slightly off-synch. It was an accident that so many people liked I left it in. On this though, the reason she is blinking is actually just because of the light source catching the eye material. I just find it strange that another accident has created the same effect!

As always, if you do want to nab it then you can do so by right-clicking and saving it to your machine then put it up on your own server to link to it(the same way as with normal avatars).
The shadow on her face is jagged, needs anti-aliasing or whatever you crazy kids are calling it these days. Other than that, looks good! smile.gif
The jagged shadows and the angular reflections on the dress are due to the way the primitive 3D forms are rendered. Essentially I'm trying to strike a balance between representation and final file size when rendered in Flash. I'm not sure I've got it quite right yet.
in reference to scale I would say it is pretty good representation of the 2d form.. the head may be a bit off but I do mean bit.. I think it looks good.. what did you use?
I really like it but the white background and white face keep throwing my eyes off. Other than that it looks great to me.
Sir Maxerpopple
I think it's great., good job Mata.
QUOTE (Mata @ Jun 23 2004, 02:09 PM)
As always, if you do want to nab it then you can do so by right-clicking and saving it to your machine then put it up on your own server to link to it(the same way as with normal avatars).

I would do but I don't think I can. I've tried saving it to my desktop but it just saves it as a file from your server sad.gif Is it because I use a Mac?
laugh.gif I thought the jagged shadows on her face were from her hair. Well, never mind then. I was also going to mention how much I dug the one eye blinking at a time, but I guess I was wrong again. I thought the blinking made her look kinda twitchy and twisted, which is the way I think of her in animations.

I guess the shadows ended up being a good thing for the most part then? The lighting on her skirt looks awesome, and everything looks proportionate. I like it more than I like the last one by far biggrin.gif
Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Rav, I made this in Swift 3D. It's a 3D package that's optimised to produce vector graphics sequences to work with Flash.

It's also a stepping stone towards learning more hardcore 3D graphics packages. There are already quite a few things that I would like Swift to do that it doesn't, but the advantages of it exporting directly into a Flash file mean that for web delivery I'd be silly to start trying to use something else.
And don't worry about the imperfections - we can rebuild her biggrin.gif
Mata do you find Swift easy to work with?
Yes and no. I'm very used to using the drawing tools in Flash, but that is a 2D package. I think that some of the ways that Swift works are a bit counter-intuitive, and it would make life so much easier if there was some sort of 'snap to edge' option in the program, but it's not too bad. The method of grouping shapes together is a bit old-school programmery, so could do with some updating. There's a new version coming out this summer I believe and I'm hoping that they might fix some of this issues in that.

I've been using a book to learn the basics,

It goes a bit slower than I would like, but covers most things that you need to know and I've managed to get to a working level with the software within a week because of it. There are subtlties to learn, but they're not so essential when you're rendering into vectors (which is what I use it for).
Patient #212
Are her eyes a little bit bigger than that? I can't decide...

Anyway, it's great! biggrin.gif
I'm not sure... It's difficult to judge!

I spent the afternoon modelling her boyfriend. I'm having serious trouble with his head!
The Lorax
You'll get the hang of it. It'll take some practice, but soon you shall be making jaws drop in awe at the perfection of a 3D Little Goth Girl animation.

/sucking up tongue.gif

(the smiley makes it seem dirtier than I Inetended unsure.gif )
Swift is quite limited in some ways. It's not designed at all for character animation (at the moment, version 4 comes out this summer, so who knows what will be on that), so you can't make a skeleton and put skin on it. You have to build everything up from blocks, which is tricky when you're trying to do organic shapes like heads.
Dreams On Hiatus
I like that - and I like the off sync blinking too. Very cool! biggrin.gif
I always loved the off sync blinking! It makes her seem calm but.... slightly confused but also nonchalant and un-caring about how the world sees her.

How I get this out of blinking, I do not know....
QUOTE (Dreams On Hiatus @ Jul 3 2004, 06:41 PM)
I like that - and I like the off sync blinking too. Very cool! biggrin.gif

I really like the blinkness too!! smile.gif
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