Okay.... ever gotten two other people together and sat down.... someone starts with one line of poetry, then you pass it to the next person, and they write a line, and then the next person writes a line and then its back to you. You write a line and so on and so fourth. FUN!! No really! It is!! I've had intresting turn outs....

My shadow is shedding it skin
And something deep within
Uncluched, like a tiny drug
Dropped into my soul
The pill is disinigrating now
But for so long it poisoned me
Staining my blood with memory
Of nothing but deep shadows of disgust
It cries as it flows though me
Burning though my veins, undertaking me
Draining me, consuming me, I am empty
But a single drug doesnt last so long as to kill

Come on get happy!
Tuck in that bird perch lip
Sretch it up, over your head
And put a smile on your face
Tap your foot move your body
Slap on jewlry nothing gaudy
Spin around, land your feet, scream for me
Do a dance step once more
Fall down laughing on the floor
Make carpet angels, swat stuff that dangles
Purr like a kitten, smile for me
Roll back over, onto your knees
And crawl around giggling like the kitten-ys!
Balance snowflakes on your nose
Flying uniquness, try to touch it with your toung
Just like you do with bubbles in the summer sun

YUP!! It was fun. You should try it! You can do it on here too if you want.... if someone will start tongue.gif