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Full Version: Fallen Element Gets Goopy
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I was messing around on Photoshop with a pic Gavin foolishly sent me last night and wa-lah! There we go. Yes I am still inordinantly proud of my Photoshop fumblings, but isn't it pretty? Isn't it...?

Oooh very weirdified! What does the writing say though?
"I need a bell, book and candle to keep your ghost at bay "

It's an Eddi Reader lyric from a song called (shock, horror!) "Bell, Book and Candle" that he likes smile.gif
Fallen Element

ph34r.gif im sneering...but i look good on a green, slimy backdrop!

I will exact revenge m'dear! revenge i say!

Fal xXx
You don't hate love me! I give you too much alcohol and good times for you to hate me tongue.gif

edit - i just realised how bad that "good times" thing sounds blink.gif
Fallen Element
oooh er! laura - the good time gal'! Heeheehee!

you are right however...i don't hate you...tis just mild discomfort when you put pictures of me looking scary on the net!

*points and glowers*

Muchos kisses

Fal xXx
Aw! That's lovely - yeah, green does suit Gavin!! smile.gif
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