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Short Story-
Miha, Guardian of the Southern Lands
Part I-Awakening

Pale gray clouds painted over a blank black sky, brining with them a bitter cold and the moist substance of snow. Which had begun to desend from the sky in it's yearly ruitine over the sleeping city below.
A single light shown from a snow flake and began to grow until it's form resembled the outline of a female. The mysterious thing slowly fell into the snow banks and was given life at the first touch of the iced crystals. The light of violet that had once gleamed unnaturally upon the woman's skin slowly diminished into a more pale white color and she emmerged from the snow uncertainly as if she had just been given life.
A gasp pulled the bitter cold into her mouth and through to her lungs in such a force she nearly choked on it. Thousands of needle like prickles felt in her body as she stummbled back into the snow from shock of how painful it was to breath in this weather.
She hugged herself in the snow and realized that she was wearing clothing. A half kimono of brilliant purple shades and light purple thigh socks. She felt a strand of her hair and was amazed to see, it too was a blue/purple color. Though, it looked natural. Not artifical.
The problem was now, that she had no idea why she looked this way, or even who she was.
She slowly assended from the snows banks and stummbled through to the streets of the city. Watching cars pass her as she walked in the middle of the street.
Seceral giant things with eyes that shone a yellow glow stopped and someone sitting inside these beings yelled for her to get out of the road.
"Road." She repeated softly, not understanding it's meaning as she continued on and soon found herself looking into a glass window of a closed shop. The glass gazed right back at her, in the form of a woman wearing the exact clothes she had just seen. She had beautiful pale blue eyes and the small child of four feet and seven inches height touched the glass, watching as the other figure did the same.
" this?" She asked, looking around wildly and then looking into the actual shop. It was full of strange animals that didn't move, merely sitting on a shelf. They were strange colors too, of blue and pink and yellow. Some even having words inprinted above them of large signs.
"" She read on the higher level of the glass. A confused look gazed upon her face and she sighed lightly, repeating the two words. "Toy? Shop?"
-Such...a liar
Toma's Latest Song

I can honestly admit
That I no longer have respect
For the ones who I once trusted
After whats happened.
So screw me over
Till everything about me
Is a lie.
Thats what it's all about. Right?
The money you get
From the pain you give
Well come on
Hurt me
One more time
Let it scar
Let it bleed.
Then leave me
So can remember how it felt.

I'll walk away
Try to forget
The way it felt
To be in love
Lets not get too caught up though
It's just a game

Your such a liar
I hate you because
Your such a liar
But hurt me anyway
Your such a liar
Did you not hear me
Your such a liar
Let it bleed
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