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Full Version: I Drew A Picture!
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Well today I had to fill out loads of ucas stuff, which I could have done in 5 minutes at home, but the evil sixth form monsters insisted I do it on the computers that REFUSE TO WORK!! Well anyway.. I got bored and drew a picture of a bottle of fanta in paint...


and a few hours later I logged into the ucas website smile.gif

(ahhh I started my own topic ph34r.gif )
{Gothic Angel}
Lol. That label is awesome (read: better that I could ever do)
hmm... if only I could draw something more interesting than fanta labels.. tongue.gif
Very cool. Yes, the label looks like the hardest part! I'm stuck with just Paint too...and Paint doesn't have nifty gadgets like other programs that make it much easier to draw. It's not user friendly at all tongue.gif
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers

That is a fantastic bottle of soda. I can't draw one like that with a pencil and paper, let alone a mouse.
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