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Full Version: Scary Miss Mary
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Ain't she cute? She wuvs you!
Damnit. It won't let me post her. O_O
SMM is a nice piece of design. Are there any stories about her?
Snugglebum the Destroyer
They did a series of comic books - but I've only managed to find one issue so far. sad.gif
Fair enough. I've had a look on the website and there's no mention of them. Still, she's a good looking character.
Oni Usagi
I have it too, It's a good comic. It also comes with stickers. I haven't seen anything except issue 1 either. I don't think there were any more, though I could be wrong. I think the people in charge of ordering at the comic book store I went to would have gotten another one if there was, since she got the first one for herself and one extra.
Who is this character yall are talkin about does she have a website?
Ah ha, I've found it.

Scary Miss Mary is a rather cute character who likes knives and appears on various bits of merchandise. Past that I'm not really sure of anything more about her.
Quite like Ruby Gloom, but she does have that one comic happy.gif
I've never really been a fan of Ruby Gloom... It always seemed just a bit too gloomy!

I've got respect for the fact that they were trying out a different type of character design, but personally I didn't find it so appealing. Still, it's nice that they were prepared to try.
Ruby Gloom doesn't usually float my boat frustrates me that it's pretty much just a clothing thing, with no story at all behind it. Just a bit irksome, 'cause it's easy to get things like that to play on stereotypes. *Shrug*
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