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Full Version: Make New Skins For The Forum Competition!
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Hi all,

Very soon I'll be putting a new site design into action, you can see what it's going to look like here:

These forums however are still using the default skin templates.

I really do like the general colour scheme, the light backgrounds and dark text are nice and easy to read, but I would like the place to look a little bit more custom-made.

Unfortunately I've really not got the time to fiddle around with this as well as everything else, so I wondered if any of you might fancy a go?

Probably the best direction to point you in would be here

where a search for skins will probably let you know everything you need to to get started.

If lots of people do this then I'll make the best ones available to people so that they can choose the one they like the most.

I've not worked out a prize yet, but it will most likely be either something from my shop or an exclusive mystery thingy that could be rather funky... Mysterious, eh?

Anyway, best of luck, and may the best wo/man-with-time-on-their-hands win biggrin.gif
meh... I liked the original other side! tongue.gif

I might try making a skin sometime... its probably way too complicated for me but never mind! I dont have anything better to do... biggrin.gif
The original one was very plain indeed, and it was becoming extremely unwieldy. I think it was also quite off-putting for people. If they had watched one animation and then flicked to that page to be confronted by a huge list of characters they hadn't heard of I imagine a lot of people didn't bother going a lot further. Also the list was big when I swapped away from that original design, by now it would be several page-scrolls long, which is just too big.

The new design will keep everything nice and easy to access with any animation page being a maximum of three clicks away from any other one. With luck I'll finish it before I go to bed tonight so tomorrow it should be online.

The new design is also entirely driven by a thing called CSS and it's really got some very funky properties that it'll be easier to demonstrate when it's up and running.
I know this question probably belongs elsewhere on the forums, but I figure I may as well ask it here. One of the main reasons I kept coming to your site was the story, Falling (I don't know if it should be underlined, 'ed or "ed, so I'll let it be), but now that I go back to read it again, I find it's all... repeat-y. Like, the sentences are repeated a bunch of times, and I was just wondering if that was an error or if that was intentional. I don't think it was intentional, as I don't remember the sentences repeating the first time I read it. Anyway, it's been like that for ages. Maybe fix it when you redesign?

Okay, I don't even know enough about computers to know what you're asking us to do... so ignore me.
The new design for The Other Side looks stellar. Keep up the good work, brodie-o.
The new design is also entirely driven by a thing called CSS

The only thing I know how to do other than a bit of HTML...

And yes, CSS is extremely cool, and there are a lot of options with it! Yay!

Anyway I like the new design, every time I went to an animation and then hit the "back" button, I had to click on the link again to see the animations again (i.e. watch a Snaff animation, hit back, I have to click on the "Mr. Snaffleburger" tab again before I can see another animation) happy.gif
The Falling story is on the list of things that need to be sorted. That should be better again soon.

I think a lot on my site got killed in a virus attack a few month's ago but I wasn't aware of just how much damage was done until now. It could take a little while to be fully fixed, but hopefully a lot will be done very soon indeed.

Until the next idiot sharing my server decides to install a bit of malicious code that eats all the hosted pages on there, of course...
Well, Mata... I'm going to be

Nevermind bad idea dry.gif

I'd be glad to make a skin of some sort... If I had the time to learn how sad.gif
Time certainly is a problem for me at the moment as well. I got the new site design up and running at 4:30 this morning.

It's now rather funky. When you are watching an animation you can adjust the page to any size and the animation stays in the same place, but the bottom of the link menu will slide behind the animation rather than obscuring it. 'Tis rather groovy I reckon.

I've also rationalised the whole site structure, which means that everything has been moved all over the place, so that means that most likely there are broken links all over the place. If you find any, please let me know. I've already had to do one patch up job today when it turned out that the links at the end of the animations weren't going back to the main page. Oops!
The current one's a bit too light imho, but as long as its anything but black, I don't mind.
I hate to be the party pooper, but somebody has to touch on the subject of how easy/difficult it could be to do a skin for these boards. Do you want people to come up with a touched-up pic of the forums or do you want the full skin? Because the first option is easy enough if people can work the tools and would then require implementing which is 'feasable', but a real skin for these forums would require a series of technical steps that I am just NOT GOING to mention here without provocation, because it would put people off! I'd love to give it a bash but then I already have the forum installed an running on my machine. This is a CONSIDERABLE advantage. Even then, it's a big job...
Fair enough. Being absoutely honest I really haven't looked too closely into how tricky it will be, I just know that it's possible.
Hey, if you ever decide this is going to be a DBZ forum then will, I have one I got from a friend a while ago.
Strangely, I suspect I won't be turning this into a DBZ forum anytime soon!

After some digging by Pab, it looks very likely that this is actually a really difficult task, so I'll just have a root around in bins to see if I can find a likely looking second-hand skin that I can cusotmise a little.

The mysterious prize can wait for another day.
How about being made a mod or something. Or maybe the dojo has to tear down it's sign in defeat in the Mugen Tenshin tournament!

Anyway, I think I will make one out of boredom, and try and get the legendary wooden spoon.

P.S Check out Idiotheque, made by me (kinda)
Be realistic. We have enough mods as it is.
Well...Liz (elf) does skins. I don't think she'll be able to make one, since she has limited time online...but she might know someone who can. She uses Invision Boards as well...and her boards have 9 skins. Here is her site. I used to post on there, but haven't in forever. I'd approach one of the others who make skins myself for you....but I don't know any of them biggrin.gif I'll ask Liz if she knows anyone who would be's worth a shot, I guess.
*jumps around* I can do skins, sort of! I did the one for Kinkwarts X9 by myself, with CSS and the original coding by some Felix dude. It's very simplistic, though. I can take the coding from that and fiddle with it some, and give you a couple color schemes? Nothing terribly complicated, but I can do SOME stuff.

*joygasm* I love CSS. Livejournals are easier, though. Give me a few days and I'll have some colors scemes done. ATM, I hafta go feed my brother.

But yeah. I have nothing better to do. And it'll be sort of an apology for letting the Quotes site go all t' hell... I don't have the program I used to do that, either, which is sad. Trellix was a comfortable sort of thing to build with. ANYWAY. Yeah, I'll see what I can do. wub.gif

EDIT: Alright. I can recode some style sheets for you, and e-mail/PM them to you (Mata). I can probably do about five within the next three days, and you can take a look. I will try some color combinations, can't promise that they'll be gorgeous or anything, but I'll try. If I e-mail, they'll be attatchments (on Notepad) from I can't, though, do any of the image things, as you have to upload those; someone with access to the admin CP has to do that. happy.gif
Well I played around with a skin today just changing colours around in the css bit .. I dont think I'm gonna bother changing the images cos I suck at that sad.gif

I'm trying to copy the style of the new page/shop more or less and it looks pretty ok except for the title bits that are normally blue (I dunno what colour to make them) the rest of its a kinda dark blueishgrey (like the background of the new main page) on a black background.

I found this which helped a bit, and downloaded the invision board onto my computer with this
(it has the forum already with it but its an older version) which seems to be working...

damnit, I'm too competitive..
QUOTE (Mata @ Jul 28 2004, 01:58 AM)
The mysterious prize can wait for another day.

*is curious*
On a completely random note, Stills & Nash (etc) is really good to listen to while coding. Keeps people from screaming and kicking at computer screens. biggrin.gif

Oh. And Inv. Board is trying to kick my ass, so I'll be testing the codes on the forum I linked to in the above post. So yeah. It's going to look kind of funny if you visit it. happy.gif
Well, if Liz can do it, others can too ... And all this CSS talk is making me wanna give it a bash ... So with all these candidates, you might have to come up with some mystery prize yet ....
Crazymat (and others), I'd like to have a default skin that remains the background quite pale in the main text areas. Black bg with white lettering is just too much of a cliché, and I'm not really certain that it's too to read large chunks of text that way either.

This is a way of saying that the winning design (since it does sound like there may well be a few entries, yay!) will put readability above integration with the style of the rest of my site.

However... Any skin that is made that works nicely I'd be happy to include as an alternative for people to select in their personal options, so if people want to have a black BG and white letters then they can!

Another style note; if you are doing a black bg skin, I usually put text in light grey rather than white, because I find this easier on the eyes.

Oo, I'm rather excited that people are finding ways to do this!

I know what the mystery prize will be if it ever turns up at my house, I've been waiting for it for ages...
Mr Fuzzy
QUOTE (Mata @ Jul 29 2004, 02:05 AM)
I know what the mystery prize will be if it ever turns up at my house, I've been waiting for it for ages...

Now I know what it is. It's me when I'm not being a babbling loon! You'll be waiting a long time...

A quick note on setting up skins: It's probably best if you make them for version 1.3 of the board software, as I really should get around to updating it at some point.
Oh hell-fire please don't ... Oh okay then ... Do what you will, but I think the latest version is 2.0 and if skins aren't backwards compatible, or if there is a noticeable change in gif sizes and things then the whole thing could get messy with regards to these things ... Maybe if you update the forum first and THEN we do a competition where the prize is Mr Fuzzy pre-installed with one years beer-money then we could brng this shabang down to a respectable level ...
Mr Fuzzy
Well, version 2 is at the stage of being it's second release candidate now, but I don't thing they've finalised the skins as yet, so things could get a little odd there.

I've been reigning in my evil urges to switch things over to version 2 for a while now, as it does seem to be very nice...
QUOTE (Mata @ Jul 29 2004, 01:05 AM)
Crazymat (and others), I'd like to have a default skin that remains the background quite pale in the main text areas. Black bg with white lettering is just too much of a cliché, and I'm not really certain that it's too to read large chunks of text that way either

well its not that black... its actually a very dark grey on the bits with the posts on them.. tongue.gif I understand what you mean, (although I dont think it looks like it would be hard to read) but meh - I dont see my skin becoming the default one any time soon. blink.gif

I'm still figuring things out as I go along .. but I'll never give up as long as theres a mystery prize!! biggrin.gif (version 2? oh no, don't confuse me more!)

*edit* What I've got so far. Feel free to tell me what I'm doing right/wrong. I need to change some of the images cos they're meant for white backgrounds, and I'm sure there must be a few dodgy bits somewhere cos I dont know what all of the css stuff is refering to.
Ooooh. That's pretty. See, I cannuh do the image stuff, I can only code the CSS... As I've been doing that for ages. o_o;; *still trying to get the first one right, is having PROBLEMS*
Hmm... Do it like this one

Just because I like that one (and it's another board I go to.)
Mat, that looks really good. When you finish it you might want to try inverting all of the colour values to make a light version. It might be a bit stark, but you never know, it might work.

EvilSpoon's suggestion looks good, but is a bit too grey for my tastes. Perhaps somewhere between that and Mat's one there lies a happy place?

Oh, there's no time limit on this, just until I think we've got something good to use and everyone who wants to have a go has had a fair chance.
Yes, I'd say a cross between CMF's and Mat's and we're good to go!
QUOTE (Hyperion @ Jul 30 2004, 02:32 AM)
Ooooh. That's pretty. See, I cannuh do the image stuff, I can only code the CSS... As I've been doing that for ages. o_o;; *still trying to get the first one right, is having PROBLEMS*

Yah, I cant do pictures ph34r.gif
But it would be nice if there were the same(ish) images for buttons and things in all the skins (assuming more than one is used)

It's annoying cos all the smilies and things look crappy on a dark background dry.gif

I'll try making a lighter one, but I can't guarantee (sp?) it will look good. unsure.gif
The images that are on this board should work with mine - like I said, I'm only doing a style sheet. Unfortunately, I have a thing with someone today (I just moved to Mississippi, by the way, I'm discussing school stuff with a girl) in an hour or so, and I won't be back till late, so if I get the first one worked out (I think I accidentally deleted a line or SOMETHING, because it's all... the same... color...) it won't be till later tonight. Which is like, early morning for you Europeans. Yep.

... Mmm. Have to go to lunch. Or, more accurately, have to go shower THEN go to lunch.
Everybody and especially Mata:

May I draw your attention to this site:

Oh my the skins .. the skins!!

.. where every single one of these skins is an absolute work of art, and it doesnt matter that they are in French ... Would we like something like this?
I suspect that most of those are charged for. There's some more basic ones here -

I quite like the look of 'Free your mind'.
QUOTE (Mata @ Aug 2 2004, 02:38 PM)
I suspect that most of those are charged for.

well, actually they cost about 3 euros each, if you include the fact that those guys designed them ... but more to the point this type of design is achievable, more or less ...
Mr Fuzzy
Just to let people know, I'm going to be upgrading the forum software to 2.0.0 PF2 as soon as the server shows that it can stay on for more than 30 seconds at a time. This could even be this evening. It'll involve me switching off the forum while I do it (possibly not completely necessary, but I want to be kind to the database) so I'll try to catch a time when few or no people are online.

This means skinning it will change, but for those of you testing things by running the software locally, I'm lead to beleive that the skinning system in the new version has been made simpler, and more robust.
*twitch* At the moment, I say we go with the pretty pretty ones that are premade, because I can't get the coding on mine to work right. I can't find why, but the tables are all screwed up and the colors... don't work. At all. So.

... I have fail thee, master. Or. Unless some miracle happens and the darn thing magically starts to work, I'm out. e_e;; I tried, I did. It's not as easy as Livejournal coding. *kicks it*
It's true, it's pretty safe to say that IPB is in a different league to LiveJournal coding. Maybe a different approach would be to find some skins that have already been made for version 2 and playing with them to work out how to do it. When I get the time (that's one of my most frequently used phrases) that's the approach that I'll take.

With a bit of luck then Fuzzy is right and skinning on the new version will be easier.

EDIT: You can download some sample skins for version 2.0 here

I quite like the look of this one
Mr Fuzzy
Well, I've been and gone and done it. Welcome to version 2!
Ooo, snazzy... It's going to take a little while to get used to I think, everything looks funny and there's that weird logo on the right of the title bar... I'll see whether I can ditch that.
I dunno if I'll attempt making a version 2 skin.. even though it has an "easy" css option the amount of things to change are enough to make me go blink.gif
My lighter version of the original board didn't turn out very nice so I dont really have any ideas.

Maybe I'll have a go when I'm feeling braver ph34r.gif
Fortitude dear boy, you must have fortitude! /Brigadier
The new version looks disjointed and ugly. dry.gif It needs some Mata-ization or something.
Mr Fuzzy
Well, it 's only a beta skin at the moment. It also doesn't help that I broke most of the custom images. blush.gif
OMG teh skinzors!

Looking pretty snazzy, I must say. I particularly like the multi-quote feature. Everything else is much the same, but slightly edgier, which is always good. I think.

Anyway, good on ya for getting off your arse, Fuzz.
Mr Fuzzy
QUOTE (Polocrunch @ Aug 4 2004, 11:18 PM)
Good on ya for getting off your arse, Fuzz.

Actually I didn't. I stayed recumbent on my bed for the whole process. cool.gif
I didn't even need to poke Fuzzy into doing it, he volunteered. I've not worked out how to get rid of that logo in the top right hand corner yet though. Hmm.

I think the custom graphics will have to wait a while until a new skin is in place.
QUOTE (Mata @ Aug 4 2004, 10:26 PM)
I didn't even need to poke Fuzzy into doing it, he volunteered.

This man isn't Fuzzy!

*Removes mask*

It's a woman!

What have you done with the real Fuzzy!? I demand to know!

I for one like the new look. Especially how PMs are done. That is very neato. And I also like how when someone is replying in a topic, their name is italicized at the bottom of the page where it says who is viewing. I am so easily amused. biggrin.gif

I don't really like the Control Panel, though. It lists your recently viewed topics. I went in there to send Phoenix a PM so she could see how the PMs come up on the main page, and was puzzled for a second because the last topic I had read was Mata's thread about strong language, and my first thought was "Huh? Why is Mata PMing me about language?" Well, I doubt I'll make that mistake again, though. At least, I hope not...or I'll start to worry about myself!

I can't wait to see the different skins and custom graphics and such that people come up with. happy.gif
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