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Full Version: Where Are You On The Kinsey Scale?
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So where are you?

For those of you that don't know, the Kinsey scale is a scale based on numbers used to rate the degrees of one's sexuality. Zero is completely straight, where six is completely gay. Three is in the middle... figure it out for yourself.

So where are you? Feel free to rate day to day, or to give generalities... whatever. As for myself, I tend to be about a three, but wander around on the sides of two and four when the mood suits me. Woo hoo!
Linkety link.

I'd give myself a five on the scale, but it does vary from day to day, as you say. I jiggle around 4,5 and 6. Hurrah for confusing sexuality!
Blast you Mike, took all my numbers... Righto, I'll have to drop down to a two. or go up to a five. :-P. So there.

There doesn't seem to be any discussion going on here.

I know some funny Lesbian history...

I'm male, by the way. I just happened to have read the story about Lesbos in my Greek history. Rather funny story.
Dreams On Hiatus
0. I am completely straight. smile.gif
the lil' pie fairy
I'm about a 2, I'd say. It would be easier to tell if there was some kind of quiz, but I'm lazy like that smile.gif
The quiz is within oneself... man. Ask yourself and all shall be revealed.[/hippyism]
I'm probably about a 2 too...

*pokes pie fairy* are you still going to 'experiment' with me? wink.gif
A zero I suppose. With the other mundanely straight people. smile.gif

3- equally heterosexual and homosexual

Doesnt that simply mean bisexual, or are they trying to fancy it up or something?
I guess I would have to say zero.
I think around a 1, possibly a 1.3982 but it varies from day to day.
I'm a one, I guess...maybe more, although that's not my fault. Does being glomped by a rabid Irish she-man bring that number up? ^^
QUOTE (oobunnie @ Aug 12 2004, 10:39 PM)
3- equally heterosexual and homosexual

Doesnt that simply mean bisexual, or are they trying to fancy it up or something?

I think it's to make the point of the varying degrees of sexuality; not just heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual. I mean, yeah, that is basically bisexuality, but many people would interpret anything from a one to a five as bisexual (I personally think of anything between and including two and four as bi). I like the terms "purely bisexual, bisexual-identified-heterosexual, and bisexual-identified-homosexual" (and no, that's not saying that you identify yourself as straight or gay when you are in fact bi, it's saying that you're predominantly straight or predominantly gay), because, at least to me, being bisexual doesn't mean you're *equally* attracted to both genders, just that you *are* attracted to both.

I'm a two on that scale, by the way.
Patient #212
I'd put myself at a one. If we're going to be picky, somewhere between .5 and 1.5.
Zero I suppose. I'd prefer to be somewhere around 2 though, more options and what not.
Anywhere from 2-4, depending on the day, which side of the bed I get up on, colour of socks, and the relative humidity.
So Mike swing both ways. Who would have guessed?

I would have to put myself as a 4 or a 5.
1 or 2. Depending on how sexed-up I feel on any particular day.
So Mike swing both ways. Who would have guessed?

I would have to put myself as a 4 or a 5.

Heh... whaddya know, right? What'd you expect?

Either way... is there a set type of way to act if you're bisexual? If so.. I'm kinda out of the loop. Either way, it's all good. Later!
I'd rate myslef around about 2 but again i swing to a 1 or 3 on some days...
three, certainly. I haven't preferred a particular gender since finding out what sex was.

I would have to go for a 6. I am in a relationship with someone of the same gender, the 'external' objects of my affection are also of the same gender and my fantasies are of those of the same gender.


I would also like to put a 6, but in all honesty have to put a 5. That's a different story though...

In the future?

Who knows. You never know who you are going to meet, and for me, it is the mind I fall for, not the gender.

(probably a 5 or 6 again though!) rolleyes.gif
I am a pretty much always a 6. Unless Lenny Kravits is on TV, then I suddenly I am a 3. Oh I was soooooo confused when he did that video with Gina Gershon!!!

As I have said before I could sleep with a man, I just can’t be in a relationship with one. Unless its Lenny Kravits. biggrin.gif
QUOTE (ravein @ Sep 29 2004, 03:13 PM)
As I have said before I could sleep with a man, I just can’t be in a relationship with one.

Now that is what I should have put!!!

Can't see the lenny kravitz thing though... unsure.gif
Probably a 4.

Although I'm currently with a guy, I consider myself more gay than straight. I fancy both, but prefer women in general.

I agree with what Valerie said; it's the mind I fall for, not the gender.

Maybe I'm just greedy tongue.gif
When single I'm a steady 3 on that scale. I'm now happily engaged to a male, so that's shifted to a 2. I tend to prefer the gender of the person I'm devoted to just an eensy bit more. tongue.gif

Still. There are moments.
Hmmm...I'll say one. I've never actually heard of this scale. interesting.
Fallen Element
I would probably rate myself as a 5. Sometimes a 3 but mostly 5. Damn it all...

*Wanders away with his confused sexual state*

Fal xXx
Azrael The Cat
0.7 in fantasy, 0 in practice. *shrugs* They do say fantasies and reality are separate and I feel nothing for the same gender in the real world.
I thought the Kinsey scale had to do with... um... politics, actually.

I hover between a 1.5 and 2.5... depends on whom I'm with at the time. And by with I don't mean anything more than present in the same area as.
Between 1 and 2. I don't think anyone's completely 0.

Err, what about if you have transexual urges? I get those al ot. I think it'd be more of a 2 in my girl state, and a 1 at most in my guy state.
QUOTE (Wetflame @ Oct 7 2004, 11:29 AM)
I don't think anyone's completely 0.

I doubt that that's true. I expect an awful lot of people would insist that they are definitely a zero.
Um... not sure... right now, I'd say a 4.
Yes, but Polo people would say they aren't bisexual. Doesn't mean it's true, now does it?
I don't think anyone's sexual preference is definitely any number on that scale. From my experience, most everyone is at least, in part, persuadable... wink.gif
And it doesn't mean that they're all repressed bisexuals either. There's quite a large chance that they're genuinely not lying or in denial.
Scoring higher than a 0 doesn't mean your bisexual. It just means that you sometimes can look at another person of the same sex and feel... something. Hell, if you want you can call it "being secure enough in one's own masculinity/feminity to appreciate the aesthetic beauty of all people."

But whatever.

I just don't think that a monosexual regime should supressing our brothers or sisters.
QUOTE (PsychWardMike @ Oct 11 2004, 12:27 PM)
I just don't think that a monosexual regime should supressing our brothers or sisters.

<3 Hero.

And going along with that, some people don't give a flip about the physical aspects at all, and are simply attracted to people based on personality traits, so depending on how often certain traits show up in each gender, someone might just have a sexual preference based on that. So really, "bisexuality" isn't an excessively accurate term for being "somewhere between 0.1 and 5.9 on the Kinsey Scale".
Hey mods... do us a favor and transfer this to Personal Concerns if you see fit in all of your mod-wisdom? Either way, there've been a bunch of n00bs, so they can see this too.
Hrm. 2-3ish, maybe? Depends on the person.
hmm......I'm thinking a 2, possibly a 2.5 depending on which way the wind blows.
I'm going to have to go with a 2.
A 0 for me. Completely straight. Which is a bit boring really.
Id say I range between 2 and 4 depending.

I tend not to be that focused on gender its whats inside the person that appeals to me, although I can still appreciate a good body on anyone, the complexity of the human form fascinates me.
I'm pretty much 0.5. I mean, I'm completely straight, but I can look at a girl and think that she's pretty.
Sir Psycho Sexy
Would go with 0.5 too, I've tried it, found I prefer women, don't really find men attractive *shrugs*
I'd say it ranges from 0.5 to 1.5 for me.
El Nino
Zero point zero zero recurring.

QUOTE (little_bear @ Jan 17 2005, 12:07 AM)
A 0 for me.  Completely straight.  Which is a bit boring really.

What's wrong with being completely hetero?
I'd say about 1.5... but I think it'd be much better to be a solid 3, although I'm scarcely exposed to others who would consider themselves above a 2, so I'd say that's a large contributing factor.
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