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Full Version: Lgg Graphics From My Journal Layout.
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Azrael The Cat
Hey, I used some screenshots from LGG to make graphics for my LiveJournal recent entries and unser info pages. Mata sugested I post a link to them here.

This banner is the main piece though:

The rest can be seen at my Journal and User Info pages.

They're mostly just croped and lettered, but that friends only banner got a new background and white outline of her hair.
Out of interest, what font is that you're using? It's really rather cool.

I'm hoping to get around to making the LGG font into one that people can download at some point in the future. I've got some software to do it, but it's just a case of getting around to it!
Azrael The Cat
Yeah, that would be cool. Do you hand draw the letters or something? That's what it loos like.

I got this font off of 1001 Fonts. It's called Gothic Hijinks. I thought it went pretty well with her and with the contents of my journal. They've got some pretty good fonts if you look through it for long enough.
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