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Dreams On Hiatus
Okay my [ex]boyfriend and I were playing a game, and he and I thought it was pretty fun so I think I'll share it with you guys.

It's a rhyming game. The first person posts a word, and the next person who posts makes a rhyme out of it, and then posts a word for the next person. Two lines, minimum.

The trick is, there has to be a rhyme in the front AND the back. You can put the chosen word and the word it rhymes with in the front or back, I don't care. And it doesn't matter how lame it sounds.


Post A: purple

Post B: Purple was the chalk I held,
Circle was the word I spelled.

next word: dance

And then the next person posts a rhyme in the similar fashion of the rhyme above.

Good luck!

word: shame
oops! made a mistake - but I will fix it (I did dance on accident laugh.gif) rolleyes.gif

Shame is a burden I do not carry well
Fame is a fortune that time will tell

next word: grim
The Tortured Soul
Grim is the life i have known
trim is the way i have grown

that kinda made sence 2 me... but i dyun think it was any good... oh and lets hope no 1 picks 1 of this infamous words that don't ryhm with anything!!!

word: helpless
Yay, new game!

Selfless we live in our lives every day,
Helpless are we as our lives fade away,

Drop my cookie or you'll regret!
Mop the floor with the swiffer wet jet!

truth is what i try to tell
sooth reminds me of fortunetell

wow now that was lame...truth is a weird word

next word: bird
Dreams On Hiatus
Sweet is the twitter of the bird;
Geek is better than being called a nerd.

Okay that was the lamest.

blue is the color of the veins in your head
true when head is busted blood comes out red

Dreams On Hiatus
Face the facts and you won't be mislead,
Erase the lies and you won't end up dead.


The Tortured Soul
errrm the last words are ment to ryhm too... anyway

I have got myself into a pickle
By often misleading poor old miss Stickle

(i couldn't think of anything ok!!!)
Dreams On Hiatus
(you forgot to pick a word! shame on you! lol)

next word: game
Can't think of anything that doesnt sound lame
Aren't I pathetic at playing this game

(I actually quite impressed myself with that tongue.gif)

next word: Smile smile.gif
Smile when you see a goat
While your swimming in a moat.

next word: hustle
boys you'd better hustle
toys like these hurt my muscle

word: word
You better never say that word
you're only 5 it sounds absurd

next word: kitty
The Tortured Soul
can you see that kitty
man, it'a so witty

(this 1 was a bit better... and sorry 4 4gtting the word last time)

word: Torture

if thats to hard...

word 2: soul

or u could du both tongue.gif
there is nothing worse than fire torture,
beware, this one will be a scorcher!

(god i'm good)

word: chipper
Please don't throw me in a chipper,
or I shall hit you with a kipper!

word: moose
See, there is a moose
Be he a recluse?

That beginning stuff...harder than you think

Next word: shiny
Dreams On Hiatus
In the sea, oh it's so shiny;
Grim though be the...whale's...behiney.... blink.gif


word: dork
The Tortured Soul
oh don'tcha feel like such a dork
lo, behold, the amazing spork!!!

word: cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese
If I ate a tonne of cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese,
would I be crushed into my kneeeeeeeees?

Word: Alliteration
We stand for alliteration
See how it improves the nation

next word: IRC
The Tortured Soul
I once got lost in IRC
I then realised it wasn't reality

word: woo
To make people think I was insane I once said 'woo',
followed in quick succession with 'moo, moo, moo!'
The Tortured Soul
errrm no word, so i'll put a word...

Dreams On Hiatus
Lost was my yellow slinky
Frost made a hole in it and now its chinky.

It probably doesn't make sense but oh well.

word: fold
Upon the edge of a paper fold
I lay a spore of.... mould

Yes.... it works. Wee

Errmm.... word: cold
Yesterday it was icy and cold,
But the fire was warm and glowed like gold

Word: House
Back inside the tiny house,
Was indeed a little mouse.

Next word: crayon
The Tortured Soul
(have we given up the firt word ryhming too???)

oh you took my crayon
no it was byron

(not sure how to spell byron tongue.gif )

word: choose
The instructions say it has to rhyme at the front or back, not necessarily both. [edit]<-- Oops, I must be blind or something...ignore that[/edit]

On this day I must choose,
to wake up or to snooze.
The above didn't choose a word, which leaves
me to write what my mind weaves.

(and it does say both)

Edit: Rather ironically, I forgot to put a word.

Dreams On Hiatus
The trick is, there has to be a rhyme in the front AND the back.

Hope that clears it up.

Could there be a life for me?
Would I wonder if I didn't live in a tree.

word: fool
It seems that moop is a fool,
He schemes to ignore the rule.

[edit]Oops - next word: habitation[/edit]

Habitation's where I live
Admiration's what I give

~ Next word: Cake ~
Dreams On Hiatus
((thanks muchly for the bump, Hobbes!))

Frosting is the best part of a cake
Costing more than it does to bake

next word: proud
The Tortured Soul
i hope of me you are proud
by the fact i'm still around biggrin.gif

Edit: forgot word tongue.gif seems to be a trend

word: remove
Remove me from this disco floor
The-groove won't play now anymore

Next Word: Cheap
The Tortured Soul
oh god i feel so cheap
no one will take the big leap

next word: power
Talk your way to supreme power
Walk your way to Babel's tower.

Next word: hazy
The Tortured Soul
hobbes last post was hazy
jobs a gud'un if your lazy

next wrd: pineapple
QUOTE (The Tortured Soul @ Sep 25 2004, 03:22 PM)
next wrd: pineapple

You are joking right?
Okay, umm...

Pineapples are lovely and worth what you pay.
My chapel's a great place to visit and pray

Next word: scale
The Tortured Soul
(hats off to you man, yeah it was a bit mean of me... it kinda came from 1 of my stagenames Pineapple Head, long-ish story behind that... )

this map isn't drawn to scale
this is to put you off the trail

next word: wise

(just a thought, but this game would all be over if someone put next word orange!!!)
Could I be smart, could I be wise?
Should I look closely at the lies?

QUOTE (The Tortured Soul @ Sep 26 2004, 06:07 PM)
(just a thought, but this game would all be over if someone put next word orange!!!)

Next word: Fruit
The Tortured Soul
(oh very funny)

what is the fruit
stop, it's just the root

(i don't know either doesn't make sence to me tongue.gif)

next word: chew
"Chew on this," the baker said,
"You can taste it in your head"

Next word: Corn
The Tortured Soul
would you like to eat some corn,
blood was split to keep it warm!

next word: freeze
Freeze my butt off in the cold.
Please tell me why I'm so bold

(nonsense poetry, ahoy!)

Next word: Revolution
Aislinn Faye
France fought and had a revolution
Dance in the glory of human evolution

Next word- sink.
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